Why Can’t I Get Netflix In Australia?

If you live in Australia you probably are asking “why can’t I get Netflix?”. Well as you can probably work out after reading this site, you CAN get Netflix in Australia. It does require a little bit of a work around on your behalf, but it is easy and possible.

The reason you can’t access Netflix in Australia at the moment is multifaceted. First of all it seems Netflix are focusing on their expansion across Europe at the moment and to put it bluntly just do not have the inclination to worry about a small market like Australia. There is far more to be gained targeting the larger European countries rather than worrying about bringing Netflix to Australia.

Another issue is the content deals that are in place in Australia. The commercial networks and services like Foxtel will sign “exclusive” deals with content owners to show the content here in Australia. The massive problem is the arrogance of these networks to not show the latest content as soon as it airs in America. The commercial networks in particular are guilty of this, sometimes showing shows years after they air in America. In today’s climate where everything is instant and the world is a small place thanks to the internet this is just not acceptable. Netflix would need to get around all these exclusive deals, or offer a severely limited version of their service here. This would mean a service lacking all the great content of the US version of Netflix.

For a market as small as Australia it is just not feasible to customise a special offering of the service here. It would be lacking in content and wouldn’t get the subscribers it needs to be viable. And when you can just access the US version with the methods described on this site, Netflix know that it’s pointless bringing their service to this country any time soon.

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3 thoughts on “Why Can’t I Get Netflix In Australia?

    • Costin on said:

      Read the site mate. It is entirely dedicated to explaining how to get Netflix. All you have to do is look slightly to the right to see the instructions.

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