The Top 100 TV Series on Netflix

The best thing  about Netflix is that you can watch shows when you want to. With so many great shows right now, this can be a really great service.

Here are the top 100 shows that you can get on Netflix, in line with the IMDB ratings:

1. Breaking Bad- A genius chemistry teacher is diagnosed with lung cancer. In order to make sure that his family will be well-provided when he dies, he teams up with a former student in order to cook the purest crystal meth ever.

2. Firefly- The series is set hundreds of years into the future. A crew of a spacecraft tries to survive as they travel unknown areas of space, while being hunted down by agents and being caught in wars.

3. Doctor Who- This is the story of an alien who time travels with a companion.

4. Arrested Development- Michael Bluth tries to take charge of the family when their father gets imprisoned. But the whole dysfunctional family makes it impossible for him.

5.  Twin Peaks- An FBI agent investigates the murder of a young woman in a peculiar town of Twin Peaks.

6. Mad Men-Set in the 1960s, the show is about a prestigious ad agency in New York. It focuses on one of the law firm’s talented but mysterious executives.

7. Terriers- This is a crime comedy-drama about an ex-cop and a former alcoholic starting a private investigation business.

8. Sherlock- This is a modern update to the Sherlock Holmes legend. The famous detective teams up with his trusted partner.

9. Freaks and Geeks- A series about two groups of high school kids dealing with life in the 1980s.

10. Parks and Recreation- A show about the antics of the officials of an Indiana town as they try to make their town more attractive.

11. Twilight Zone- The classic TV show that started a whole new genre. The stories on the series are usually about ordinary people finding themselves in extraordinary situations.

12. Pretty Little Liars- The show is about four girls fighting an unknown enemy while they try to find the truth about their friend’s death.

13. Revenge- A girl whose father was framed, infiltrates high society to find the one’s guilty of framing her father.

14. White Collar- A white collar criminal helps out the FBI to find and catch others like him.

15. The Office- The story is about an office that is on the brink of being closed down after the company decides to downsize. A film crew starts to document the lives of then people working there.

16. The Vampire Diaries- A girl is torn between two brothers who are vampires.

17. Spaced- Two friends must pretend that they are a couple so they can live in the only apartment that they can afford.

18. Hell on Wheels- A former slaveholder and soldier tracks down the murderers of his wife.

19. Peep Show- Jez and Mark are roommates living extraordinary lives.

20. Sons of Anarchy- A man struggles between being a young father and being a member of motorcycle gang.

21. Alfred Hitchcock Presents- A classic of television. Master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock presents short stories that always have a surprising ending.

22. Hopalong Cassidy-  A classic Western TV show features Hopalong with his horse Topper.

23. Battlestar Galactica- The Cyclons destroy the 12 colonies. The new crew of Galactica must protect the last surviving humans as they journey to the 13th colony.
24. The X-Files- Two FBI agents, one a believer and the other a skeptic works on various strange cases while their efforts are thwarted by mysterious forces.

25. Archer- Agents of an international spy agency known as ISIS work on global crises only to undermine each other.

26. City Hunter- Lee Yun-seong’s father was killed by the government. He gets trained by his father’s best friend to get revenge.

27. Hart of Dixie- Zoe Hart accepts an offer to practice in an Alabama town. Hart arrives to find that the person who has given her the offer has died and has left his practice to her.

28. Switched at Birth- The story of two teen girls who finds out that they were switched at birth.

29. Outrageous Fortune- Follows the lives of a criminal family that decided to go straight.

30. Raising Hope- The story about a young man who was forced to raise a child after the mother with whom he had a one-night-stand finds herself in death row.

31. Slings and Arrows- A famous madman of the theatre returns to the town of New Burbage as it holds its Theatre Festival.

32. Friday Night Lights- The show is about football players from a small Texas town, their families and staff.

33. The Walking Dead- Tells the story of a small group of survivors in a world overrun by zombies.

34. Parenthood- Zeek   and Camille Braverman serve as heads of a family.

35. The League- A show about a fantasy football league.

36. Merlin- A take on the mythical sorcerer, this time as a young man.

37. Scrubs- John “J.D” Dorian learns a lot about life as an intern in Sacred Heart Hospital.

38. Louie- A sitcom that follows Louis C.K.’s everyday life.

39. The IT Crowd- The comic misadventures of a group of IT workers in a large company.

40. Supernatural- Two brothers who take on the role of “hunters,” fighting supernatural beings.

41. Life- Tells the story of a cop who goes back to the police force after being wrongly imprisoned.

42. Warehouse 13- Tells the story of two Secret Service who saved the life of the President.

43. How I Met Your Mother- Ted searches for the ideal woman in New York with the help of his friends.

44. The Guild- The show is about the lives of online guild members who play an unknown MMORPG.

45. Luther- A crime drama focused on a genius detective whose passion gets the best of him.

46. The Game- This is a spin-off of Girlfriends featuring girls who have football player boyfriends.

47. The Black Donnellys- Four brothers are caught in the dangerous world of underground crime.

48. Terra Nova- The show is about a family in the year 2149, a time when the planet is dying. The family gets transported back in time to join a group of humans who have a second chance of building a new civilization.

49. The Chicago Code- A tough cop tries to clean up Chicago.

50. Wilfred- A man suffering from manic depression sees his neighbour’s dog a man in a dog suit.

51. Lie to Me- Dr. Cal Lightman earns a fortune teaching body language.

52. Psych- Police hires a novice detective when they think that he has psychic powers. With the help of his best friend, they try to solve crimes.

53. Once Upon a Time- A woman with a past travels to a New England town where fairy tales come true.

54. The Killing- The show is about the interlocking stories of a family suffering from the death of a loved one, a police investigation, a mayoral campaign and the finding of a dead body.

55. Prison Break- A man is sent to death row and his only chance is for his brother to break him out by being sent to the same prison first.

56. Life Unexpected- Lux gets tired of spending her life from one foster family to another, so she decides to become an emancipated minor.

57. Breakout Kings- A group of cons agrees to work with U.S. Marshalls to track down fugitives in exchange for reducing their sentences.

58. The Wonder Years- Kevin Arnold remembers how it was growing up in the 60s and the 70s.

59. Army Wives- Tells the story of four women and a man who are all in love with members of the Army.

60. Undeclared- Steve and his friends go on to the greatest adventure of their lives. But Steve’s dad decides to tag along.

61. Alphas- Alphas are humans with special abilities. They embark on an investigation of a court witness. They are unprepared for what they discover.

62. Jericho- The people from a small Kansas town is left in the dark right after they see a mushroom cloud in nearby Denver.

63. Nikita- A rouge assassin comes back to try and take down the organization that taught her what she knows.

64. Lincoln Heights- The story is about a police officer who moves back to his old neighbourhood with his family.

65. Flashpoint- A series about a special tactical team that handles all kinds of difficult situations.

66. Top Boy- Dushane and his friend runs an underground drug business.

67. The Glades- A former Chicago cop joins the Florida state police.

68. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit- The detectives of the Special Victims Unit handles victims of sexual crimes.

69. United States of Tara- A woman suffering from a disorder tries to raise a family.

70. Drop Dead Diva- An aspiring model who dies is brought back to life as an overweight lawyer.

71. SGU Stargate Universe- Billions of light-years away from home, a group of soldiers and civilians try to find their way back home.

72. Melissa & Joey- Mel hires a male nanny for her niece and nephew.

73. One Tree Hill- Follows the lives of a group of high school kids in Tree Hill, small North Carolina town.

74. Bob’s Burgers- The show is about the Belcher family who runs a hamburger joint.

75. Blue Mountain State- The story revolves around three incoming college freshmen who will be attending a football powerhouse.

76. Reaper- Sam’s parents sold his soul to the devil when he was a baby and he must now be a reaper.

77. Greek- Rusty Cartwright decides that he wants to join a fraternity in college.

78. Ghost Whisperer- A newlywed finds that they have the ability to communicate with the recently deceased.

79. Alias- Sydney Bristow is recruited and trained to become a spy.

80. That ’70s Show- Set in the 70s, the show is about a group of teenagers.

81. Wildfire- A young woman works in a ranch as part of her parole. Unexpectedly, she finds excitement there.

82. Private Practice- A spinoff of Grey’s Anatomy centered around Addison Montgomery.

83. Dollhouse- A laboratory assigns tasks to its workers and then erases their memories.

84. Damages- A graduate from law school becomes the assistant of a high-stakes litigator.

85. Malcolm in the Middle- Malcolm has to deal with being gifted while having a family of dimwits.

86. Hawthorne- This show is about Christina Hawthorn who is very passionate about her work.

87. Lights Out- A former boxing champ tries to find his place in the world after retiring.

88. Trailer Park Boys- Two petty criminals have their lives documented.

89. Angel- Angel is a vampire who was cursed with a soul. He starts to help people with supernatural problems.

90. Being Human- The show is about a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost trying to live together.

91. Roswell- Living in the city of Roswell are aliens.

92. The Andy Griffith Show- Sherriff Andy and his son live with his Aunt Bee.

93. Numb3rs- A mathematician helps the NBI in solving crimes.

94. In Plain Sight- Mary Shannon is a US Marshall who must hunt down fugitives and raise a family at the same time.

95. Weeds- A woman turns to selling marijuana after her husband dies only to find out how her whole neighbourhood is actually into smoking.

96. Monk- Adrian Monk is a detective with an obsessive compulsive disorder.

97. The Tudors- A series about the reign of Henry VIII

98. The Defenders- The series is about two Las Vegas lawyers.

99. The Guardian- The show is about Nick Fallin, a hotshot lawyer from Pittsburgh.

100. Survivors- The show is about a group of people who survived the epidemic that killed most of humanity.

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  1. sharyn mathieson on said:


    I was wondering would I be able to get Coronation Street and East Enders on this? Also how would you hook it up so it goes through the tv? Sorry I am no tech savy person:-(


    • Hi Sharyn. You could probably get those shows with the UK version of Netflix, which can be accessed via this system. Do a search for those titles with the keyword netflix and see what comes up. To hook it up to the tv you will need a media player, PS3 or Xbox or you can hook your laptop up to the TV via an HDMI card.

  2. Petra Buehrer on said:

    We are considering to get netflix Australia. the question I have is can I also watch german netflix contents using our australian netflix subscription? Or would I be better off subscribing direct to netflix in Germany?
    Thank you for your feedback

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