The Gift Card Work Around

Is your credit card not being accepted when you try to sign up for Netflix? For whatever reason this happens some times. For some people it works fine, but for others it just won’t work. it’s weird, I don’t know why it happens, but I do know there is a work around that is pretty simple.

You can easily purchase a gift card through the site and then apply it to your account. These gift cards are often able to be purchased easier than signing up for the account. If you’re having issues with your Australian credit card signing up for Netflix here’s what I recommend:

1. Try to sign up a few times with the Aussie credit card. If it rejects you just try a few times. Sometimes it ends up going through after a few attempts.
2. If you live in Australia it is important that you have the right settings in your internet-ready devices so you can access Netflix (both in buying the gift card and in redeeming it).  Netflix has geographical limitations which mean you cannot access Netflix from within Australia.  However, if you follow our How to Get Netflix in Australia guide, you will be able to gain access to Netflix even if you reside within Australia.  legal.
3. Once you have the necessary settings from UnblockUs and now have access to the Netflix website, do the following simple steps to purchase your Netflix Gift:

1. Go to and click on Buy
2. Choose the number of months you would like to purchase (1, 2, 3, 6, or 12)
3. Choose the gift card design – this gift card can be printed or e-mailed to the recipient after your purchase.
4. After you have personalised and previewed the gift card, click on Purchase to finalise it.

That is basically it.  If you have any questions regarding the purchase of gift cards, here are some of the answers to frequently asked questions:

Can I buy a gift subscription for someone who is already a member?
– Yes! The gift of any amount will be applied onto their current membership.

Do gift subscriptions expire?
– No! As long as the gift code stays unredeemed, the gift card will not expire.

How to send the gift card to its recipient?
– After purchasing your gift, you will be given the option to print or e-mail your gift to your intended recipient. Or if you’re using it as a credit card issue work around just apply it to your own account!

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26 thoughts on “The Gift Card Work Around

  1. Lola on said:

    Hi Admin, Forgot to thank you for all the help on an earlier query – many tks! Now probably a really dumb question, if you can’t use your Credit/Debit Card how do you pay for the gift card?
    Tks again

    • Aaron on said:

      i have been a netflix subscriber via giftcard before and was gutted to learn they didn’t offer them anymore.i had tried to purchase a sub with cc and debit card but was denied with them being nz issued.i just tried my debit card again using my girlfriends mothers american address zipcode and it worked yay. only thing to note is i had an account from my giftcard sub and use unblockus for ip region get around.hope this helps anyone

  2. stephen on said:

    Did everything u said, they took the money out gave me the code, entered the code everything worked great, next day money back in my bank account why? account still active streaming works, does that mean they rejected the payment or my bank canceled it without calling me

    • admin on said:

      Interesting! I guess the main thing is it’s working. Would be interesting to hear back from you if anything else happens.

  3. doesn’t work, 3 credit cards all rejected trying to purchase the gift card with exactly the same message that is given when trying to sign up for account payments with the same cards

    • Seems like there could be something going on, however I just used an Australian credit card myself and a friend of mine signed up successfully. He said he ran into problems, however used a .com email address and an american postcode and just kept trying and it worked.

  4. None of this works!!

    OZ Credit Cards fail for Gift card purchase just as they do for Netflix directly. Paypal also doesn’t work either.

    Where I use a US zip of OZ postcode (alone or with trailing 0) it fails!!

    I’ve tryed 3 different CCards.

    • Not sure why that’s the case mate. It works fine for my Australian credit card. There are some options here on the site that have worked for people, also try reading through all the comments as others have shared tips that worked for them.

  5. Daniel on said:

    Nothing works anymore! Tried all sort of Aussie credit cards, also tried the EntroPay card both on the gift card purchase and Netflix subscription page… Hopeless…

    • I have been hearing more people complain that it doesn’t work. However my friend created a brand new account with them a couple of days ago. And just yesterday there were issues with my credit card, I gave a new one and it worked fine.

      I’m not sure what’s going on, but it is still working.

  6. Hey Mate

    Great effort with your site; must be getting lots of visitors. I can not seem to get past the payment stage for the Netflix Sign Up or the Gift card option regardless of number of attempts or zip/post codes I use. Has there been any news on Netflix re. the way they block us recently. I am surprised I cant buy a gift card. I have set up both router and device as per unblock-us instructions and still can not get past the payment pages. Cheers
    Ps. You have covered so much but I thought you may still be able to help!

    • Hi Will. It doesnt appear anything has changed recently from what I can see. Have you tried multiple different cards/debit cards?

  7. I have tried for two days with three different cards nothing is being accepted and it won’t let me purchase gift card.
    One card was citibank which is new york based, any ideas???

  8. Jasper on said:

    I’ve just seen a note saying that gift cards could not be purchased as of 4 March 2014, which is a bugger because neither of my credit cards seem to go through either.

  9. dezmo on said:

    so can access netflick, via us, but my card number is invalid, which i gather is a visa thing now? also paypal (address?)
    and no gift card option…. so only mastercards? any other?
    guess i’ll get a gift mastercard and see….

    why is netflix an issue in oz?
    is it not legal? are we not paying the artits and what not?

    is it because the “censors” can’t classify it? are they too slow?

    or is it purely a money flow and control thing which vested persons/companies/corporations/governments have, that is to say controlling interest in our media content and consumption, not to mention ripping the average aussie off?
    is this why we pay ridiculous prices for music, games, movies ect?

    and if so, why aren’t people outraged,
    who is holding content back? why can’t we watch stuff just like the rest of the world,
    if it is legit, then why must we dig and hide, to watch shows, buy music/games/dvds at a fair fuckin price, in a timely manner.
    ie, like at the same time (relatively speaking) as the rest of the world.

    Who is blocking this? Blockbuster? Foxtel? Telstra? any and all of the these Jurassic rip-offs, forcing every aussie to pay premium prices for a service, which is relatively defunk in the internet age, holding aussie audiences hostage as to when and what you get to watch, and for ransom as to how much you’ll pay.

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