Orange Is The New Black Review

When you first hear about the concept of “Orange is the New Black,” which is a series exclusive to Netflix, it might not strike you as funny at first. It’s a comedy-drama that is set in a women’s prison. The good news is that the show manages to deliver.

Starring Jason Biggs, Taylor Schilling and Laura Prepon, the series has been available for instant streaming way back in July of 2013. Jenji Kohan is the creator of the show. He’s the one behind the Showtime series, “Weeds.”

The show begins by introducing us to Piper Chapman, played by Schilling and Larry Bloom, played by Biggs. They’re recently engaged but Piper has been convicted and is about to face 15 months of incarceration in a federal prison. Piper’s crime was committed more than ten years ago. She helped transport drug money for her friend and she is caught by surprise with her conviction.

Larry has to live through a great deal of stress while waiting for Piper’s release. The main focus of the show is on Piper who tries to find her place inside the prison. The biggest problem that she has to face is that she has very little in common with the other women in prison.

As expected, Piper was very scared at first, but she was eventually able to build connections and know people inside. That the show is a comedy drama is evident in the way that there are sudden twists in the story that no one saw coming.

Another interesting side of side of the series is how it shows us the life of the women inside a prison.

The second season of Orange is the New Black is being filmed and would soon be available for streaming.

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