What Is Netflix?

What is Netflix? What are the services they offer and its benefits?

Well, if you’re not sure how to answer, then feel free to read on. Take a brisk walk down memory lane so you’ll have an idea on how this ingenious invention came to life. After all, the story is inspiring and definitely worth knowing.

Have you ever experienced being obnoxiously fined for not being able to return a borrowed movie on time? Well if you have, then that’s something you have in common with one of the co-founders of this multi-million dollar empire.

It all started when Reed Hastings was penalized $40 for not returning a rented copy of Apollo 13 on time. A plan was conceived after this misfortune, encouraging him to seek his former colleague Marc Randolf. The two collaborated and toyed with Hastings’ idea for months and by August 29th of 1997, Netflix was born.

The company had humble beginnings, starting off with 30 employees and only 925 title movies under their belt. They operated the business like any other movie rental shops but added their own twist. They introduced the use of the internet into the equation, allowing their customers to remotely view their movie catalogs on line and offering convenience that other rental shops do not showcase.

They are also the very first “traditional-pay-per-rent” company who utilized the mailing system, shipping DVDs to different states with a flat rate fee and without the hassle of due dates. This signature move put their name on the radar and helped them win the hearts of thousands of movie buffs across the US.

By 2000, Netflix set the bar higher. They branched out into a more high-tech approach. They pioneered and offered the first monthly subscription scheme that will allow people to watch movies and TV shows directly on their site.

Now that you have an idea about Netflix’s roots, it’s time to answer the questions posted earlier.

What is Netflix?

Netflix is an online-media streaming site that can be accessed by different viewers across the Americas, Europe, and by 2015, some parts of Asia. It’s a web page that supplies a vast collection of movies and TV shows. It can be accessed with any internet enabled devices, given that it has the streaming capability and is Netflix application enabled.

Disc rental is what they were first widely known for, and in subsequent years their video on demand streaming service has taken priority. Although they now offer internet video streaming on their site, they still maintained this disc rental division up to par and fully functioning. They are now catering to a much larger market, including Blu-ray patrons into their fold. This progress prompted them to open more warehouses to make sure that their clientele around the US are accommodated.

They stayed true to their principle, though; they still do rentals without time constraints and due dates. However, to ensure that all discs are accounted for and to make certain that all their subscribers gets the level of service they are paying for, they implemented a new rule. A limit was placed on the number of movies that can be rented during a specific time, mostly depending on the customers’ subscription level.


What is Netflix offering?

They offer month to month subscription, meaning they don’t require long term contracts like local cable companies do. You don’t have to worry about cancellations fee or lock in periods. If you choose to discontinue their services after a couple of months of usage then you can do so, no obligations. On top of that, they also offer a month long free trial to prospective customers, giving them the chance to experience their services prior to subscription – their own version of getting your feet wet.

And lastly, what is Netflix for?

Entertainment; it’s an innovative way of catching up with your favorite TV shows and movies without the hassle of pesky commercial breaks. You can access it anytime, at any given place, so you don’t have to worry about keeping up with the latest craze.

Convenience and comfort – this is what is Netflix is all about.

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