Why Netflix USA will Prevail Over the Upcoming Australia Counterpart

Netflix is one of the hubs that make streaming more accessible to viewers. Individuals wishing to watch their favorite series again or those with busy schedules choose Netflix for their entertainment needs. Due to its popularity, Netflix now has a lot of franchises across the globe with Netflix Australia as the most recent one, which is confirmed to launch in 2015.

The upcoming launch of Netflix Australia is great news for Australian Netflix fans since doing their ninja hacks to bypass geo-blocking that keep non-US visitors from accessing the site. However, this is probably just good news on the superficial level because summing up some points shows that watching Netflix USA is more beneficial than subscribing to the upcoming version. Several reasons highlight the advantages people will get from the US version despite the promises brought by the planned release.

Content Range

Netflix is known for having an array of shows produced by top US channels and cable networks. This alone is enough for overseas viewers to search and use geo-block bypassing techniques to subscribe and watch their favorite shows.

Reports about the upcoming release don’t excite many Australians because of the limitations that come with the version. Among these limitations is the show lineup offered to subscribers. Netflix USA is brimming with different shows that people love to watch. Netflix Australia will only give people access to the Australian content, which is limited in terms of titles. It won’t have several shows due to rights ownership differences on the Australian content. Famous shows like “Orange is the New Black” and “House of Cards”, two shows that triggered Netflix’s popularity among television show fans, won’t be available in Netflix Australia.

Many people ask why Netflix won’t have several shows even if it is shown in the site in the US version. This is because other companies similar to Netflix have the rights. Acquisition of rights for other shows made Netflix for the country quite limited. For instance, Foxtel, which obtained rights for broadcasting “House of Cards,” is a local pay television company. Since the company already got the rights, Netflix won’t be able to show it anymore. The downside is that House of Cards fans, who are waiting for Netflix Australia, will be disappointed because they need to subscribe to a different company just to watch this show.

People unfamiliar with Netflix’s franchises across the globe may ask if Australia is the only one experiencing limited content. However, other franchises like Netflix Canada also have limited content. A report in 2013 stated that Canada’s content only had less than 4000 titles compared to the whopping 10,000 titles offered by the US content. This drives the popularity of US content among Canadian viewers compared to its local version. Canadian’s content may have increased, but the US content has also increased and Australians may not expect as much to what they’ll get.

Subscription Price

Recent news confirmed the buzz about launching Netflix Australia, but they didn’t say anything about the price as of the moment. Reports about the price may be released days before it is actually launched, but many people are thinking that it will probably match the price of Netflix USA in terms of subscription. Nevertheless, the question is going to be whether the price is worth the limited content from Australia’s version. Who would like to pay for something that doesn’t broadcast the shows that they actually want to watch?

In terms of price, the convenience of being able to sign up and watch without using a virtual private network (VPN) sets the bar in subscribing to the Australian version. VPNs allow viewers to use US IP addresses, which then make them look like they are living in the country and prevent geo-blockers from keeping them from accessing the site. This may also seem to be more cost-effective than buying a VPN while paying for the subscription. Nonetheless, the content may outweigh the savings. Some may want to continue doing the same practice and watch the US content. They may spend more with the VPN and subscription, but it’s cheaper compared to subscribing to different pay TV companies just to watch their favorite shows unavailable with Netflix Australia.

At the end of the day, watching through Netflix USA is still more convenient and cost effective for people. They will continue to gain access to the superior US content library and appreciate their money’s value. Viewers, however, may expect a huge difference in viewing shows online once it has been launched.

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