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House of Cards and Orange is the New Black are two of the most famous Netflix TV shows that were ever created. They captured the hearts of millions and set the bar high for both local and international TV shows. In fact, these series became so popular that they caught the eye of numerous award giving bodies, earning them their first nominations and wins.

In case you’re not familiar with these shows, here’s a brief rundown on what they are all about.

I love that woman. I love her more than sharks love blood”, is one of the most memorable and famous lines uttered in House of Cards. It’s a highly praised political series that talks about corruption, ambition, and power plays. The plot of this story revolves around a man who’s not afraid to sully his hands in order to gain more power. This series created uproar across the world because, in some way, it’s hitting close to home. It’s also the first web exclusive series to ever received 9 Primetime Emmy nominations.

Bisexuality and drugs are considered to be two of the most controversial topics to date. A show that entwines and valiantly depicts it will surely end up as a big hit. Orange is the New Black is an on-screen adaptation of a novel published way back in 2010. It’s a story that tells about the life of a bisexual woman, particularly her experiences in and after incarceration. Full on humor and fluff this might be, but don’t be fooled. It’s a multi-awarded show that managed to create buzz across the globe within its pilot episode.

But aside from these successful franchises, did you know that there are several other uncharted Netflix TV shows that are definitely watch-worthy? Well if you didn’t, here’s a list of some of their originals that you might be interested in.

LilyHammerThe very first original series that Netflix produced. The story revolves around a reformed gangster underboss (Frank “The Fixer” Tagliano) who testified against his successor after his assassination had been ordered. The plot focuses mainly about the life he’s trying to build in a foreign land (Norway) and the conflicts that are about to come his way. This show was first released in Norway garnering over 998,000 viewers on its pilot season. Due to this influx, Netflix opted to push through with it, earning the show its second and third season.

Bad Samaritans An all-American comedy show that focuses on the life of professional Starcraft Player Jake Gibson post break up. It talks about his mishap laden journey with community service and how the experience can possibly change his laid back outlook in life. This is a light and hilarious show that will definitely send you good vibes.

Hemlock Grove – A horror/thriller series that talks about some unwarranted and unexplainable killings in a small town in Pennsylvania. An air of mystery surrounds place when talk of werewolves’ sightings was thrown in the picture. A supernatural flick that will definitely tickle your sixth sense and will make you wonder if this well known myth is just that – a myth.

Turbo FastNetflix TV shows’ first venture into the world of animation. It’s an animated series that depicts the life of a snail and its promising racing career. It’s an adventure filled show that will definitely keep the kiddies entertained and spellbound.

Arrested Development – A critically acclaimed sitcom that earned numerous awards for its intriguing concept. It’s a story about how an unconventional family copes after bankruptcy. It may be full of humor at first glance but you’ll definitely learn some valuable life lessons – if viewed from a different angle, of course.

Marco Polo – Netflix TV showsbiggest and grandest production to date. It’s an epic tale that talks about a renowned man’s journey during the 13th century across China. If you enjoyed watching Game of Thrones and Tudor, then you’ll definitely dig this one.

Netflix has a vast collection of TV shows that you can choose from. They come in different genres and ratings that can surely suit your palette. So the next time you open Netflix, skip the movies and go straight to the TV shows tab. Who knows, you might be in for a wonderful surprise.

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