Netflix Review – The Features That Make Netflix So Popular

The development of streaming platforms like Netflix is due to the wave of complaints coming from customers purchasing discs online. They are tired of the scratched and damaged discs delivered on their doorsteps, which is unacceptable since they paid for them. With the videos available right through the internet, they are guaranteed working videos according to their needed quality. Before signing up, they would need to read a Netflix review to understand how this site will benefit their viewing experience.

User Interface

Navigation is no problem in Netflix because of its simple and organized user interface. It allows people to get started right after signing up. Signing up will help create user accounts. The next step is to answer set of questions regarding the types of shows users want to stream. Once completed, the user interface will display a list of recommended shows according to the answered questionnaire. Even if new users don’t know where to start, they can look at this list to start watching.

Aside from the recommendations, Netflix also lets users customize the video types they wish to watch. For instance, they can select the type of video quality to watch. Their selections range from high definition to low quality. Viewers will be able to save their bandwidth usage, which will also save them money by minimizing bandwidth overage.

Setting up profiles is also a breeze with Netflix. Users can set specific profiles with their own video recommendations. Gone are the days of seeing recommendations for videos that a user doesn’t like just because a family member used his account. Multiple profile setup is also easy with the platform’s user interface.

Searching for videos is also easy because of its quality search engines. This search engine helps people look for their needed shows. With fast results, users will see their videos and start watching.

Show Types

Netflix gains a lot of positive reviews for having a comprehensive list of shows broadcasted by top networks and cable networks. The only problem in this positive Netflix review is that the brand doesn’t stream HBO shows.

But even with the absence of HBO shows, Netflix compensates by presenting more than 10,000 show titles and multiple seasons of different series.

Supported Video Quality

Video quality is crucial for viewers today as numerous consumers have invested in HD video-compatible devices and televisions. Netflix offers a long list of different video qualities to suit their profile. Low quality videos up to high quality are available on the website, which can be set according to their profiles.

Aside from standard quality videos, the company also offers high definition videos. It started to support 4K technology video, the newest high definition video resolution in the block. Watching these videos on high definition smart TVs will be a joy.

Special Features

Netflix is known for being a video streaming platform. However, it improved after some time and promoted new offers for viewers. It began streaming for various devices as long as it can connect to the internet. Streaming can be done through Blu-ray players, portable devices and smart TVs. Hence, users don’t have to go to their computers just to watch their favorite shows.

Aside from the device, Netflix developers also came up with a mobile app, which makes portable device viewing more convenient than before.

Plans and Trial Offers

A Netflix review also includes discussing about its plans. Netflix offers free trial for a month. Users will have unlimited access to television series and movies using the device of their choice. If they enjoyed the quality of viewing media through the platform, viewers can sign up for different plans.

Netflix offers three different plans: the Streaming plans, the DVD Rental Plans, and the Blu-ray Rental Plans. Streaming will let them watch their shows right on their devices, which is the cheapest among all the plans. Streaming plans come in three types starting from 1 SD screen costing $7.99 monthly. The second streaming plan is 2 HD Screens that cost $8.99 per month. Costing at $11.99 monthly is the last plan called 4 HD plan that let users stream on four HD screens simultaneously.

Customer Support

Netflix offers superior customer support ranging from FAQ page available at its website. It also has email, chat, and phone support for inquiries that require immediate responses. Its staff is composed of professional individuals dealing with various concerns posed by their customers.

It’s easy to find a positive Netflix review online because of the brand’s quality video and customer service. Watching your favorite show through this platform will make your leisure time more enjoyable.

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