How To Watch Netflix in Australia

How To Access Netflix From Australia

It’s a really simple process that involves only a few steps. You’ll be up and running in five minutes. They are:

  • Sign up for an ExpressVPN account here – they offer a free trial so you can make sure it works
  • Use the account to set your internet connection so it appears as if it’s in the USA
  • Sign-up for Netflix – they also offer a free trial so you can see if it’s for you or not
  • Start enjoying Netflix content on your PC, mac, PS3, Xbox 360, iPhone, iPad, Android and any number of other systems!

It really is that simple.

Here’s how you do it in greater detail

The key to this work around is the use of what is essentially a VPN, which is short for virtual private network. That name might sound techy and intimidating straight off the bat, but it is actually really simple to set-up. You can be up and running with Netflix at your place within 5 minutes! Essentially you sign-up with a VPN (as cheap as $5 per month!). You then connect to it with your computer, and the VPN makes it look as if your connection is based in the USA, which removes the Netflix location block.

The VPN service I suggest and use myself is ExpressVPN – these guys are great and I haven’t had a problem with them. They are also not essentially a VPN, but rather a DNS re-direction service. Ultimately it doesn’t matter what they’re labeled, as long as you get access to the content you want! And this service works a treat.

When you try to access the Netflix site from your normal Australian internet connection you are greeted with a landing page that advises you you’re not allowed access to the glorious content within. This is the screen you are displayed if you’re from Australia:

netflix without vpn

Once you set the ExpressVPN account up properly however you are able to trick the Netflix service into thinking you’re located in the USA. As such this bypasses the block, and you are set free into the joyous world of awesome tv shows, movies and documentaries. Once ExpressVPN is set-up correctly that once frustrating block screen shown above is replaced by this:

netflix with VPN

Not Just Any VPN Will Do

The key with this set-up is to have a stable, fast VPN. There are free VPN providers out there, but these systems are always overloaded and slow. This makes streaming the Netflix content impossible, as you need a lot of bandwidth to stream movies. It is far more advisable to pay a measly 5 dollars or so per month to have a VPN you know will work. The beauty of ExpressVPN is it’s so easy to set-up, it’s fast and it’s stable – everything you need in your solution.

Here’s the steps to take in greater detail:

1. Head over to the ExpressVPN site by clicking here. Sign up for a free account with their service. This is really simple to do and should be pretty self-explanatory! So you create your account, then if you head to their “How To Set-Up” page it explains to you how to go about setting the service up for various media players and routers. They have guides for Windows PCS and Mac computers as well. It is a very simple process of ensuring you enter their DNS servers into your internet connection, as this is how it masks your location.

2. Once you have signed up and set the service up you can use the ExpressVPN home page to test whether or not you have set the service up correctly. If so it will tell you everything is in working order. Once you have the all clear here you will be able to sign up for a Netflix account. Just head to the site at and sign up for the free trial. One month for free? Boom! Keep in mind you should provide an American address when you sign up for the account. So whatever you like as the street name, and then make sure the State and Zip Code are right, for example Beverly Hills, California, 90210. It’s easy to find US zip codes and states with a google search.

3. That’s all there is to it. This will enable you to access Netflix on your computer. Of course the real joy is to be had by accessing it through your Playstation 3 or Xbox 360. Or streaming it to your phone or iPad while you do the housework, go to the bathroom or lay in bed. This is all possible as well, no matter where you are in Australia. I’ve got guides on how to do all this and more on the site, so check them out to set-up this system on your device of choice.

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234 thoughts on “How To Watch Netflix in Australia

  1. Andrew on said:

    Hi. I’m thinking of signing up to Netflix this way however I would imagine you run into problems when signing up to Netflix. Surely Netflix would see that one’s credit card details are not usa based. I’ve read on some sites you need a USA address however unclear how to do this and ensure I don’t run into problems with the bank or Optus. thanks Andrew

    • admin on said:

      Hi Andrew,

      I signed up to this using my Australian credit card no problems. I have a GE credit card and a debit MasterCard with Commonwealth Bank. During the sign up process a couple of times I got an error message. I just re-tried it and it worked. This has happened to a few people, if for some reason it doesn’t process it’s simply a case of trying once or twice until it goes through.

      To cut to the point I’m making – Australian credit cards definitely work with Netflix as I am using one myself!

      • Hi,

        I’ve was able to sign up for netflix as well with my credit card and so far it is working, but I’m wondering about after the one month you get free, when the card is charged. Have you actually been able to pay subscription with the card?


          • Cody on said:

            Jusr regarding the credit card thing, i am trying to use a debit mastercard but it gives me this error “There appears to be a problem with the card you are trying to use. Please use a different card.”
            I’m i doing something wrong?

          • admin on said:

            Hi Cody. is it a Commonwealth bank debit mastercard? There has been some issues with them in particular. I’d suggest trying a different card.

          • I’ve tried to subscribe to Netflix with an Aussie credit card, and it doesn’t work because my actual billing address and the address I made up to create a US itunes account differ….anyone got a solution??

          • All those having credit card subscription problems:

            Make sure you are logged out of your netflix acc on your computer, then purchase a netflix subscription gift card from Email the giftcard to your registered email, and when you click the email link to claim it, it attributed the new subscription to your account….job done! :)

      • Tony on said:

        After repeated failure trying to sign up for netflix providing Commbank debit Mastercard details, I entered a U.S. zip code that matched my location according to my VPN and it worked fine. Hope this helps anyone who is experiencing similar difficulties.

        • admin on said:

          Great info Tony! How did you match the zip code to your VPN? How did you work out what the zip code was for the VPN location?

        • Hi Paul,

          If you want to buy from iTunes US, you need an account with them, then you’ll be able to purchase at US prices.

          The easiest way to do this is to buy an iTunes gift card, either from a convenience store in the USA, from an online retailer in the USA or through eBay.

          EBay is the easiest unless you have a friend in the US who can buy you one! You will pay a small premium but you’ll be emailed the gift card voucher number and when you use it you’ll have a fully fledged US iTunes account!

          Here are some tips for you:

          1) I used a google search to find a state without sales tax to use as my iTunes account billing address.

          Because you are using a gift card and not a credit card (which has a billing address) you get to nominate your billing address. When you buy content from iTunes you’ll get sales taxes added on based on the state you specify. So choose wisely. :)

          2) I used a hotel address in a state with no sales tax as my billing address. So when I buy content, I get it for the US price with no added sales tax.

          3) In terms of setup, create a separate email address that you’ll use for your US account “appleID”. Go through the setup process and make sure you choose “use a gift card” or whatever the option is in there so you don’t have to enter credit card details. It will reject an Australian card if you try to use one.

          Anyway, enjoy! :)

      • Mathew rees on said:

        Hi, I’ve managed to set up a unblock-is account and also Netflix, however when I try to view homeland it says available in DVD only and can access a 1 month free trial of this. When I click add dvd’s I receive an untrusted connection warning stating google chrome can say for sure that you reached, but cannot verify that that is the same site as which you intended. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Matt

  2. admin on said:

    Yes when you sign up for Netflix use a made up American address and zip code. You make a good point there, I forgot to include that in this walk through. I’ll update everything.

  3. Lola Norman on said:

    Tks for all the info Andrew, am raring to go! Couple of queries, won,t my email address give away my location? 7th edition of Australian iPad has a big article on accessing Netfix – if I change settings on my ipad, do I have to change them back to get Australian content as well? Will the Apple TV work with Netfix once my settings are changed? Sorry for so many queries! Cheers

    • admin on said:

      Hi Lola,

      I used a .com email address to sign up for the Netflix service. It is possible that if you’re using a address it could set off a flag, but I haven’t tested it so couldn’t say for sure. I recommend using a .com email address though so just create one.

      Your iPad will work fine with Australian content with these settings changed, it will be using your Australian connection the bulk of the time and only use the American connection when it speaks to the Netflix servers.

      With Apple TV you will need to set-up a fake USA iTunes account, then set up your Apple TV to use the DNS service too. I am actually about to write a full guide on how to use Apple TV with Netflix in this manner too, that should go up tonight.

      • hi,
        I am all kinds of trouble trying to stream netflix from my computer to samsung smart tv. any ideas? the easiest way?
        I had no using aus. credit card

  4. ive tried many times with my commonwealth debit master card on netflix it says there something wrong with the card especially the card numbers any advice

    • admin on said:

      Hi Skye. Unfortunately not – it worked perfectly for me with mine, and the same for many friends who use the service. Do you have any other credit cards you could try?

  5. DaveO on said:

    I’m wondering if Netflix’s credit card validation has recently changed.

    I have been happily using an Australian credit card for my monthly subscription but have run into problems when I tried to change the subscription to another card.

    I’ve just tried three different Australian credit cards and have been unable to do so. It won’t even accept the card I had been originally using (“There appears to be a problem with the card you are trying to use. Please use a different card”).

    I assume that, if you’re able to sign-up then you won’t run into problems down the track if their validation rules change. However, people trying to sign up for the first time (or people who try and change their credit card details) are blocked…

    • admin on said:

      Hi Dave,

      It is definitely still working for new Australian credit cards as I have had other people signing up successfully recently and asking questions. A friend of mine signed up for it using his credit card yesterday.

      A sneaky way around things if you’re having issues is to purchase a Netflix gift card or gift subscription and use that to pay for it. These can absolutely be purchased with an Aussie credit card.

  6. Elpra on said:

    Hi thank you so much for this infomation. I was just wondering if it is possible to sign up for the 30 day free trial then cancel before the 30 days has expired. I only need netflix to watch 1 show in particuar as it is a netflix exclusive. If I cancelled the subscription would I still be charged? The same goes for the unblocker. Is it possible to sign up but cancel before 7 days. As I said earlier I would like to watch this show and I’m not going to use Netflix after that. I don’t want to be paying for something I’m not using. Thanks.

    • admin on said:

      Hi Elpra,

      Yes what you’ve suggested is possible, just make sure to cancel before the Unblock-Us account starts charging as it’s free trial period is shorter.

      Make sure you have a decent look at all Netflix has to offer first though, you might find it hard to give up once you’ve used it. My internet was down the other day and I was having Netflix withdrawals!

    • admin on said:

      To be honest I haven’t checked as I have an unlimited internet plan, but according to the following site it uses around 1 gigabyte per hour when it’s streaming decently, and mine streams flawlessly and looks great, so I’d say I’m streaming at the best quality SD.

      I might do a bit of analysis of my internet data use and put a post up on here for everyone soon.

  7. Gehan on said:

    A Few questions.

    If use a ,com email address would i need to check that frequently ? or is it required just to setup Netflix

    How do you set up a US Itunes account to run Netflix on my appleTV. Please also let me know how to configure appleTV device, and would I need to change again to watch OZ content

    I tried paypal, but that doesn’t work. Just thought I’d let everyone know this.

    Thanks for all your good work

    • admin on said:

      Hi Gehan,

      I am not even sure if the .com address is required to set up Netflix. I just used a .com address as that’s what I had at the time, but I don’t think they would bar addresses from using the service as people often move overseas and keep their old email etc.

      You wouldn’t need to check the email often if you did end up registering a .com one just for Netflix. I very rarely get emails from them, only when new shows launch and special stuff is happening e.g I got one about their new “Hemlock Grove” show recently.

      I am creating an Apple TV guide soon and posting it to the site so keep an eye open for that.

  8. KarlV on said:

    Hi Guys,

    Just to let you know that I signed up for Netflix and Hulu on the weekend with no problems.

    I purchased an Apple TV; set up a US iTunes account, got Tunlr (free; used it as a stop gap until I got UNBLOCK-US; which I have now); signed up for the NetFlix and HuluPlus on their sites with my australian credit cards. No problems.

    It works perfectly. The ‘only’ glitch I had was that the Hulu dropped off – geoblocked and only Hulu – once I got UNBLOCK-US – bang back on. It’s working right now.

    It’s great I stream the shows to the Big screen via the Apple TV; watch stuff on my iMac or iPad as well.

    I 100% recommend this. It works!

    If you need any other information I am more than happy to tell you what I did.

    It’s awesome!

    • admin on said:

      Awesome Karl, glad to hear it worked for you – it’s a great moment when you fire it up and log on for the first time isn’t it?

      There is a guide on Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, Wii and Android coming very soon! I’ve just been a bit buys with work to get time to get the article written, but I’m hopeful end of week!

      • KarlV on said:

        Totally agree. I was (Still am :) ) very happy to have it all running.

        My one week trial off Hulu finishes tomorrow – found that I can also purchase gift cards (electronic delivery) with no problems (got one for my sister) so that way I can ‘gift’ the codes to someone whose credit card doesn’t work.

        Checked on Netflix last night, offers the same gifting. Means that I can also do that for family who may not have a working credit card.

        I’ve told friends about this site too. The guides will be great for the others to use.

        • admin on said:

          Great stuff Karl, the gift cards are a definite option if people run in to trouble with the credit cards.

    • What DNS setting did u use for Apple TV got Netflix on my iPad purchased Apple TV when I go to setting & try to enter DNS setting from Unblock us won’t let me enter last 5 numbers as I can’t go above a number 2 to change it to a 5 how did u overcome this?

    • Interested in how you get this working through Apple TV 3, the set up looks ok (conventional) and I can understand that part, but you were going to write up a instruction on ATV. Were can, or how can I get this?
      Cheers Mick

    • Billy on said:

      Hi Folks how do you set up a US iTunes account and then set up Apple TV to watch Netflix and Hulu? I have a VPN service
      Cheers Billy

    • Hi,
      this what i am trying to set up but not yet able to achieve. i have un_block plus Netflix account but no I Tunes US account. I can get netflix on my computer but dont know how to get it stream to my samsung smart tv?
      as you can guess i am a novice at settings.

  9. hi there, just did the steps to unblock to get netflix acct in Australia but when i go to netflix site is gives message ‘netflix not available in your country’. I changed the location to USA but I think i need to sign up using a US account and i do have a US address and debit card but it won’t let me sign up. any suggestions? cheers

    • admin on said:

      Hi Georgia,

      Make sure you follow the guide step by step in setting up the Unblock Us account, including the test at the end. There is a little task bar on the Unblock-Us site that will let you know if you have set it up correctly.

      If all of that is working fine then maybe you visited the Netflix site in the past and it is cached in your web browser. I would press F5 when on the Netflix page to do a hard reload of it.

  10. Fiona on said:

    Hi there,

    Got to the stage of being able to link laptops and desktop to Netflix (yay!) and will try the XBox later. However, I am trying to connect our TV, which feeds through our Sony Blu-Ray player, to Netflix, but after changing the network settings on the player, I cannot find a way to see Netflix on the TV.
    Any advice?

    • admin on said:

      Hi Fiona,

      I am not sure it will work with the Blue Ray player, unless there is a Netflix app for it, but I’m not sure that’s even a thing haha. Can you access the internet through the Blueray player? Is there a web browser in it for example? Could maybe access the Netflix site that way.

      Sounds to me though that if you have an Xbox that is the way to go for watching Netflix. I use it on two PS3s at my place and it is so simple with the app.

  11. Ben on said:

    Thanks heaps for this I got it working perfectly. Only thing is though when I try to go to watch sometime on my ps3 it comes up with a “system compatibility” screen which also says that ill need a computer with the following minimum requirements blah blah blah. Know anything about this?

    • admin on said:

      No I haven’t heard of that message. Sounds strange. Does it do it every time? Or is it working most of the time and having that error on occasion?

    • Nick on said:

      This is the exact same for me. Every time I try to watch through my Wii U, I get the same message. Do I need to do something with my wireless router?

      • admin on said:

        What message do you get? You can set your router up to use the DNS settings for Unblock-us and it means whenever you try to access Netflix from any device connected to that router you will be able to access it. Makes things nice and easy!

  12. Ben on said:

    Does it every time. I am however trying to access through the browser, then I later found out that there is an actuall Netflix app withing the tv menu of the ps3 but after trying to search for it couldn’t find it, it only came up with quickflix and my channels. No Netflix

    • admin on said:

      Hey mate – there is an article on this site that teaches you how to set it up on your PS3. You should check that out.

      One of the steps is creating a new PSN account with a USA address. You need a US account to access the Netflix app, it’s not available to Australian PSN accounts.

  13. Ben on said:

    I set it up all sweet, was working fine last night, now it comes up with and error saying having trouble connecting to Netflix, code nw-4-7
    Then I tried on my iPad, followed the instructions on the unblock us website on how to set it up on your iPad and now the app comes up with an error saying there is a problem connecting with Netflix (1006)

    • admin on said:

      Sometimes the Netflix servers have issues and you just have to wait and try again later. Is it working now?

  14. Mano on said:

    Hi there,

    I am thinking of getting the unblock-us account, just a small query before I do that. Does the DNS server address needs to be entered into the router or into the device I am using?


    • admin on said:

      Hi There,

      Sorry for the slow response, I didn’t notice this comment had come through.

      You can choose how you’d like to do it – setting it up on the router means all devices connected to that router can easily access it. If you’d prefer to set it up at device level then that can be done to you.

      Both ways work.

  15. Stephen Mugford on said:

    I have not yet tried this but your guide makes it look pretty simple. One query: if I do this, how would you suggest getting it to my TV which is in a room some way from my modem, PC etc. Can I, for example, successfully stream to a hard drive then replay by linking the drive to a laptop, hooking up the TV as an external monitor for that laptop and showing it … or some such? Stephen

    • admin on said:

      Hi Stephen,

      I would run it through a device like Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Apple TV etc. Alternatively you can buy Android based media centres that cost about $50 – these can also access Netflix for you. I’m not sure you could stream from a hard drive, but I would be interested to hear about it if you manage to make it work.

      One other option would be to hook your TV up to the monitor out on your laptop, and then run the headphone jack of your laptop to your surround sound (if you have it) or some speakers of some sort. That’s a bit of a rough way of doing things though.

      Basically I recommend PS3 or Xbox 360 if you have one, if not then look at purchasing a cheap Android based media centre.

  16. Molly on said:

    Each time I go to start my free trial and get to the input credit card screen, I get the “please use a different card” message. I’m just wondering if it’s the ZIP code? You mentioned you were using a debit Mastercard, I’m trying to as well but I’m having no luck. I’ve tried with a few different ZIP codes to no avail. Please help!

  17. David L on said:

    triyng to sign up and think ive done everything right but when putting my (commbank) c-card number in on the netflix signup page it says “There appears to be a problem with the card you are trying to use.” Ive tried a couple of cards and have read above that i just need to try and few time but ive tried maybe 40 times to no success. is there anything changed or anyone else having propblem now? im able to access US content on other sites (HBO, NBC) so im not sure and wondering if you have heard any news or others having trouble signing up to netflix. Thanks, David

  18. David L on said:

    They must have. tried heaps of ways a heap of times. end up getting it going now with a gift card. still had to put my card info in again and after a couple of error pages and stuff it spat me back out at the home page working. im now happy and hope i dont get kicked. thanks for your help

  19. Amelia on said:

    I’m having the same problem with my CBA MasterCard Debit Card – “There appears to be a problem with the card you are trying to use”.
    I just spoke to one of their support people online. He said that they normally use an authorisation process but that my card wasn’t getting to that point. I asked if there could be something wrong at my bank’s end and he said most likely it was a combo of problems with both Netflix and the bank.
    He suggested I by a gift card instead, but I only wanted the free trial so I guess my plan has been thwarted!

    • admin on said:

      Hi Amelia,

      Interesting – thanks for the update. From what you’ve said it sounds like these problems could be temporary and will likely be fixed soon from. Definitely worth trying again in a couple of days to see if it works!

  20. Heather on said:

    I’ve just joined up today, no problem with the Aussie credit card (NAB Mastercard).

    Gave me a laugh to use 90210 as the zipcode, really didn’t expect it to work ;)

  21. Lachlan on said:

    I’m having the same problem with my Commonwealth debit card, the gift option isn’t working for me either

    • admin on said:

      Seems like the issue may be with Commbank Debit cards at the moment – it’s working fine for people using other cards.

    • admin on said:

      Seems like the issue may be with Commbank Debit cards at the moment – it’s working fine for people using other cards.

    • admin on said:

      I just did a quick Google search and it seems that plenty of the WD media players do work with Netflix, so I think you’re in luck.

  22. aaron on said:

    can i stream through my laptop, which i will them run through the tv

    also just purchased a yamaha dvd, which has netflix capapabilities, will this also work

    v excited!!!

    • admin on said:

      yes you could hook the laptop up to the tv, not too sure about the yamaha – if you can change the dns settings on it, or just change them at your router then it should work no worries – netflix works with over 200 devices.

  23. Mark on said:

    I can’t sign up to Netflix. I have signed up to unblock-us (trial) and configured my PC. I rebooted, and have gone to Netflix to try and get a trial there. Whenever I try it says “Sorry, we are unable to complete the signup process now. Please try again later.”

    Is this on Netflix’s side? Is there a way to test that unblock-us is working properly?

    • admin on said:

      Hi Mark. This issue would be on the Netflix side. If you’re able to access the netflix site it means Unblock us is working. The netflix site is restricted to Australians usually. You can also head to the Unblock us site and test if it’s working on the home Page.

  24. Ardian Lance on said:

    I need help. If I use this method, will the VPN stay permanently an US one for all websites, or will it only be an US VPN only for Netflix?

    • admin on said:

      Hi Mate,

      It will only kick in at the precise moment when you are accessing the Netflix server, the rest of the time it uses your normal Australian connection.

  25. June Davies on said:

    Hi I have just bought a roku and although I have Unblock Us I have set up the roku without it, I get into my Amazon Prime account and Crackle but Netflix doesn’t recognise my login details, any idea why? Also do you know if its possible to get BBC on the Roku? cheers June

    • admin on said:

      Hi June. So are you saying you’ve set the Unblock-Us details up on your Roku or not? Sorry I was a little confused. You need the Unblock Us details entered into your Roku or router in order to access Netflix.

      • June Davies on said:

        My appologies for not answering this before now…I have been kept busy with unblock us regarding this problem, it has been a week now and although unblock us have been very helpfully I am no further forward! I still can’t get into my Nelfitz account via my Roku.
        Will let you know the final outcome. Thanks June

  26. Siobhan on said:

    Hiya, I’ve just bought a Samsung 6 series Smart TV. I’ve been using Quickflix really easily but their streaming selection is pretty limited. Do you have advice on how to set up Netflix with a Smart TV to stream to the TV directly (i.e. not to a PC first?). I know there’s a Netflix app for these TVs, but it’s not preloaded onto the Australian Tvs. I saw one workaround on another site but it meant resetting the TV region to the US and therefore losing all the great Aussie apps like ABC iView and SBS. BTW I don’t have a gaming console of any description, or a BluRay.

    • admin on said:

      Do you have a web browser in the tv? If you do then just set the DNS settings at your router to the unblockus ones. Then you can access Netflix from the browser on your TV and it should work fine.

      • admin on said:

        And if that doesn’t work for some reason or if you don’t have a web browser then definitely look in to a cheap Android based media player. I have a bunch of links to good, cheap systems on this site if you want to check them out.

  27. Lonnie on said:

    This may seem like a ‘blonde’ question, but can you watch different things in netflix through various players at the same location?

    • admin on said:

      Hi Lonnie. You can watch the same Netflix account on two devices at the same time. You can be watching different shows on each player.

  28. Mary on said:

    I was just wondering if a Paypal or prepaid credit card could be used? We are trying to not use our credit cards and are sick of Foxtel! Thanks :-)

  29. Matt on said:

    Hi Andrew,
    Very excited about this -as a performer, I always struggle with free downloads, if the artists ‘on the floor’ are missing out on royalties etc.
    Have to say, though, due to the requirements of a ZIP CODE, my application to pay via credit card, is being rejected. Any ideas?

    • admin on said:

      Yes people really should be paying for content instead of downloading it for free. That’s what makes this great. Use any american zip code that you’d like.

  30. Saw the advertising on one of the TV channels which flog merchandise to the public. Forgotten email address. Offer stated that 1 month free and DVD sent via mail. A few questions:
    1. Are these sent from the US?
    2. How do I get the DVD rather than the download?
    3. If a credit card is going to be required am I safe if I don’t proceed or am I going to be charged in deference to my wishes?

    • admin on said:

      Not too sure about DVD’s, this is all about the Netflix streaming. The DVDs are not really an option in Australia.

  31. Frank Hold on said:

    Hello Andrew,
    not being completely computer literate, have a query for you. I use BTGuard for downloading Torrents (sorry, naughty). Wondered if using the DNS for Unblock Us, would then interfere with BT Guard.

  32. ive signed up for this unblock us thing that went through fine , wanted it for my xbox , but the thing is i changed my internet setting to what it tells me but i can not find the netflix app anywhere on my xbox 360 , not in the stores nothing , what do i do ?

  33. Anubis on said:

    For the record. Entropay does not work with Netflix as of Aug ’13, so don’t waste your time and money setting up a virtual card. CBA also does not work if you have a CBA credit or debit card.

  34. rebecca on said:

    Please help I have signed up for unblockus and Netflix on my old computer which is using Ethernet and it works fine on this. I want it on my wii so I can watch on my tv and the wii will not display the Netflix icon. Now it has booted me off the internet all together. Please help!!!

  35. I have changed DNS settings to Unblock-us on a Laptop and desktop PC and have access to Netflix on both – so far so good.
    Unfortunately the laptop does not have HDMI and the TV does not have VGA.
    The Modem Router is supplied by Bigpond (cable Foxtel and internet) and is a netcomm CGD24N. As far as I can tell I cannot change DNS settings on this modem router.
    I intended to purchase a WD TV Live but have read that the WDTV keeps picking up the router DNS settings and hense will not allow access to netfix.
    Any ideas on how I can get the netfix on to the Sony HD TV.

    • Hi Jerry. I have heard from other people that the Bigpond router has problems with having it’s DNS settings changed too. I would recommend maybe looking at a device like Apple TV, PS3 or another Android device that will allow you to change the settings on the actual device rather than the router.

  36. Sorry, couple of questions.
    With the apple TV, you imply that you can change the DNS server on the apple TV so no need to change the router settings – correct ?
    If I buy the apple TV do I have to get engaged with or use Itunes and the rest of the apple stuff. Really only want it for Netflix)
    Do you know of an Android device that allows DNS server changes.
    What do thing of Astone MP-310DT

  37. …and one more….yes I know stretching a freindship.
    If I connected the PC via ethernet cable to the modem router could I then use wifi direct to send netflix from the PC to the TV or would the wifi direct connection disconnect the internet ………….
    ..or if I connected the modem router to the to both the TV and the PC could I send netflix to the TV ?? I’m probably getting really confused

  38. that last sentence should have been …..
    If I connected the modem router to both the TV and PC via ethernet cable could I send netflix to the TV

  39. I have successfully signed up for Netflix, and able to watch on my PC, I am currently shopping around for a PVR to replace my old Topfield, It seems the best value around at the moment is the Panasonic pwt530 with built in wifi.I am a liitle reluctant to take the final step without knowing if it will stream properly, this model in the US has a dedicated Netflix button on the remote.
    Does anyone here have any experience with this or similar models?

  40. catherine on said:

    Have connected to netflix and unblock us OK. Streeaming on PC, great. Have a samsung smart tv and can access netflix but cant watch shows. Need an activation code. Samsung said as app not available in Aus cannot provide activation code. Any suggestions?

    • If you can’t change dns on the TV try changing it in the router. If that doesn’t work then you would need a media player

  41. Thanks for the guide.

    Will I be able to access unblock us at more than one location concurrently. I travel interstate frequently so wondering if my family at home and me while travelling can access netflix at the same time. Or do I have to sign up for two accounts.

  42. Samantha on said:

    Hi there I did the Netflix thing via US iTunes and free trial of Unblock us.
    Now that trial has run out I’m using Hide My Ass VPN with no success…any ideas…? I’m getting the error message “There’s a problem connecting to Netfix….error 1006″…?

    • Hi. Hide My Ass is a full fledged VPN and when I tried using it with netflix i found it really difficult to set up with all of my devices. Thats why I switched and use Unblock-us now. Sorry but I couldn’t get HMA to work so I’m not going to be much help!

  43. What happens to my current DSN if I change it as required. Will this make any changes to my current internet settings or change access to my WIFI devices??

    • It shouldn’t no, it only has an impact when you’re communicating with Netflix, the rest of the time it’s our usual connection.

  44. I’ve finally got this working. I setup an Entropy account with a US address. Also used my gmail account rather than my .au e-mail account. Not sure what made the difference.

    • Actually just checked my Entropy account and my country is still Australia (they rejected the change) but my address is in Florida with a legit zip code which matched the order. Maybe this is why it worked? Or changing the e-mail address.

  45. Left comments on struggling to register on netflix last week. Why were my comments deleted and why don’t you assist me with regards? Marius

    • Hi Marius. No comments have been deleted. I have built a special page here that lists all the things to try if you’re having payment issues. It’s linked from the top menu and the home page. Try those steps, it’s definitely still working for a lot of people.

      • Marius on said:

        I have tried numerous cards to no avail. I even tried buying a gift card, which means I would effectively forego the 1 month free trial, but still no luck…. Seems like the Site wised up to the Ozzie loophole and they’re blocking our cards now. Why only offer this service just to the US? Why not allow us the same access? No wonder guys just go pirate and pillage. Can’t believe I missed the window to join.

        • I signed up in December, with no trouble at all, using a Bendigo Bank MasterCard. Doesn’t get much more Australian than that!

  46. Stephen on said:

    Hi, I have followed all the instructions to get netflix but I keep getting the following msg (A valid card number must be entered into the form.)Unblock-us confirms my dns is setup correctly. I am using a westpac ignite mastercard and an American zip code. I also can not use my paypal account as it is being recognized as Australian. Any ideas????

  47. Stephen on said:

    I have already done what was listed and nothing helps. Also, I only want the free trial to see if it is worth getting so I don’t want to buy a gift card. I guess they have finally blocked us out somehow. Oh well, as I said before I can now watch what’s on nbc,cbs and abc.

    • stephen on said:

      Thought I would try getting netflix one more time and to my surprise, it worked. Don’t know what changed as I did the same as before but who cares, I finally have netflix.

  48. Hi, I can’t seem to buy a giftcard, or use my Australian credit cards. I have tried using an ANZ VISA, and a ANZ American Express. I have also tried using a debit Visa card but to no avail. Is there something I am doing wrong?

    • Hi Therese. There have been more people complaining about this lately. It looks like Netflix might be changing their payment requirements. There is a link in the main menu that lists all the things to try to make sure payment goes through. Please give them a go!

  49. Hi,

    Your info has been great and very easy to understand.
    However i am having issues when entering my credit card details (debit card actually). I have put in an American Zip code and then my details but when i click the start membership button nothing is happening…Any suggestions?

    Thank you

      • I’m having a similar problem, I recently changed my CBA Gold AMEX to a Platinum and when I went to update the card details on my account, I get as far as the details page but the ‘Continue’ button doesn’t work at all. There’s no error message, it’s just like the button has stopped working. I have the same problem when I try setting up a completely new account, the ‘Start Membership’ button just won’t work. Nothing happens. My Netflix account had been working fine up till now (with Hola and Unblock-US) with the CBA Gold AMEX and the postcode 33166. I’ve tried changing the postcode 03338, tried buying a gift card, again the ‘Continue’ button doesn’t work. Have been trying for 3 days now! Help!!

  50. Andrea on said:

    I already have a Netflix account in the US, but am living in Australia now. Can I use my account, or do I have to sign up for a new one?

  51. Hi, I,m feeling a bit blonde about the whole thing (I can say that because I am:-) ) so I have successfully loaded Netflix onto my phone how do I get it on my TV? I have a roku box which I set up with an american address, and I was assuming that the icon would magically appear on my TV screen which hasn’t happened. Please help!!!! Thank you

    • You will need to set the Roku up to access it, there is a guide on this site. Essentially if you set your router up to access unblock-us then you should be able to access netflix via the Roku.

  52. i am in AU , tried different AU cc cards with no joy

    Got this to work by getting a virtual USA cc setup for me , Yes i lost the first month free but i didn’t waste any more time getting this to work

  53. Hi, I successfully created an unblock us account and changed the DNS on my Apple TV. The netflix and Hulu icons were on the main menu. When I selected netflix and (forgetfully) signed in with my normal iTunes acct, it gave me a message saying this is an Aus acct etc, then sent me back to the main netflix screen but with $8.49. So I tried again and it let me on without having created a us iTunes acct. I managed to watch a few shows. On the Apple TV I went back to the main screen and the netflix and Hulu icons have disappeared. I have turned it on and off a few times to no avail. Im worried now that netflix will charge my iTunes acct once the 30 day trial is over. Do you have tips on why the icons don’t show on my Apple TV main menu anymore and how do I check if my iTunes acct is still connected to netflix? Thanks!

  54. I have been having trouble with signing up, I am using an anz visa card, if it makes any difference, and it comes up saying that the zip code is not valid for my area. Any help?

  55. Pieter Pretorius on said:

    When I click on Netflix, it immediately tells me I cannot get Netflix in this country and blocks me from going further.

  56. Clemery on said:


    Just thought I would note that I tried the above steps to get Netflix on my Xbox One console, and while I was successful in setting up through Unblock-us and downloading/launching Netflix on the console… when I tried to launch a game, it would just time out on the game’s title card.

    Even after returning the console to its original state (back to AU region, normal auto DNS settings, etc), no game would play.

    I tried all manner of troubleshooting to get past this issue, but to no avail, and even Microsoft support were more useless than I could have imagined.

    Ultimately, I had to take the console back and exchange it (keeping this whole Netflix thing quiet, of course).

    The replacement console works fine, but I am too afraid to try it again. Considering I was only able to get SD content, its no big loss.

    However, if any other Xbox ONE owners in Australia have successfully manged to get Netflix using the above guide, AND was able to cotinue using their games, please reply!

    • We haven’t heard anything about people using their Xbox Ones yet – your story sounds a bit of a worry though! Guess time will tell as more people start trying.

      • Clemery on said:

        Yeah… ultimately all that was required was a region change on the X1 from Aus to US, and manually set the DNS to match the one supplied by Unblock-us.

        On the face of it, it doesn’t really seem like it could cause a problem, but based on Microsoft’s original plans for DRM, perhaps launching a game while assigned to a different region resulted in this issue.

        That said, if it did cause an issue, why would it still be occuring when switched back to the original state? Perhaps launching a game in an alternate region triggered a block on my account or something… but if that was the case, then why was I able to continue to download and launch other apps, it was just games that failed. Also, after replacing the X1 console, it worked fine using my existing account…

        So, really I have no clue what the issue was, and would presume that it wasn’t CAUSED by running the above steps to get Netflix. But alas, I will wait for confirmation of other people’s successes on the X1 before trying it again! :-P

  57. Hi, Is there a way of switching the VPN Service ON and OFF from the desktop?

    My children like to watch IVIEW on the Australian ABC & if you are not Aussie based IP you cant access the service on line.

  58. Hi I was successful getting netflix until I had to get the netflix app from iTunes . iTunes is telling me I can’t purchase as I am in Australia . What to do.

  59. So can I stream Netfilx through my wireless network straight to my Samsung Smart TV ?

    Is there a Netfix App ?

    Ive also heard that the Debit Cards you can buy from Aus Post will work fine


    • You would need to investigate whether there is an app fort your Smart TV or whether you can access Netflix through the browser on the TV.

  60. Hi there. I’ve installed Netflix thanks to your help – it’s great. One problem however, whenever I search something, nothing comes up. No results, even though the shows are 100% there. I get a message such as: “Your search for office did not have any matches.

    Try different keywords
    Looking for a movie or TV show?
    Try using a movie, TV show title, an actor or director
    Try a genre, like comedy, classics, sports, or drama”

    This is also happening to a friend who has installed today. Any suggestions? I’m using Chrome on a Mac, but have also tried Firefox. Thanks!

  61. This is absolutely brilliant. I had no trouble signing up with Netflix using a Bendigo debit MasterCard. Got it running through my Mac on a browser, through a WDTV Live, and through an Apple TV (this requires a US iTunes account to get the app, but that’s easy. The Apple TV is easily the best experience of the three.
    Have you tried switching the Netflix region on the unBlock-us website? It’s great, as there are different movies and shows to choose from. I’m currently enjoying the UK site.
    Also, I’ve got access to the PBS channels on the Apple TV. This is free, and has a lot on. It just requires you to input a Zip code for activation. Het, I always wanted to live in Seattle!

  62. francis on said:

    Hi- firstly, thank you for this cool website, thought connecting to Netflix would require me an IT degree. I have subscribed to unblock-us and Netflix. -thanks!

    I am using my Panasonic VT60 to browse Netflix, I have 2 questions:

    1. Instead of going thru the TV’s browset- can I just install this as one of the Apps? But since the tv is purchased in Australia, it dosnt come with Netflix (or hulu)- How can I change the App Market to SO so I can download the Netflix app?

    2. Temporary workaround for not having the app is to use the TV browser- but thumbnails ( or posters) of the movies do not load ( broken?) Do I need to install a plug in the TV to decode the posters?

    Thank you and will look forward to your response.

    More power!

  63. Hi,

    I connected my XBOX 360 perfectly yesterday… but when trying today, it keeps saying (not available in your country)… I have checked the DNS settings and they are the same, and I am logged into the US XBOX live account.

    Your help is greatly appreciated.



  64. Hi I have had access to Netflix for almost 30 days now and have enjoyed the viewing so far, however today a message keeps being displayed stating that Netflix is currently unavailable.
    I have gone through all the relevant check list to ensure that all my settings are correct, however no luck.
    Please help.

  65. thanks for the info, has worked perfectly for me and have since handed foxtel back, i also had trouble with the quality using apple tv but found using the ps3 fixed all that, i am having trouble though signing up for the netflix dvd section, it will not allow me to load the page when i hit the link on the netflix home page, any ideas?

  66. Lauren on said:

    Hello :)
    I keep trying to watch something on the site, but it keeps telling me a have to download the Netflix app to actually watch anything, then the app never comes up… Have I done something wrong?

  67. Michael on said:

    I have signed up to netflix and it was all working fine but as of jan 1st i can no longer connect and i have no way to watch movies or cancel my account. Do you know anyway to cancel a subscription from somewhere other then netflix or how to connect to netflix.
    Thank you

  68. Hi mate, just a few questions..

    – If I’m using a Belkin router with my PS3 connected via ethernet cable and I only changed the DNS settings on my PS3 and not the router, will that be a problem for me?

    – When I signed up to Netflix via the PS3 app, it only asked for a Zip code, not a residential address, is that an issue?

    – Again in the PS3 app when I go to ‘Network Information’ it shows my IP address, the one that shows in my router settings, is this normal?

    – Last one, I used a fake name to sign up to Netflix but my email contains my actual name, should this cause an issue?

    I would very much appreciate your help with these


    • 1. If you change the DNS settings on your PS3 that is fine, however that will be the only device that works. Everything else connected to the router won’t be able to access Netflix.
      2. I wouldn’t think so
      3. That could possibly be an issue.
      4. No this won’t be an issue.

  69. John Sullivan on said:

    Been enjoying Netflix but just had to try and change my credit card details (I had it set up linked to an Amex card) but now trying to link it to my Visa card, I have 2 different ones and with both I am being told there is a “problem” with the card but no explanation about what is the problem! Slow to cancel my account but do not understand why it all worked fine when setting it up with my Amex card but no luck with 2 different visa cards??? Appreciate your advice.

  70. I am having similar problem. Cannot sign up using Citibank visa credit card. It keeps telling me there appears to be a problem with the card you are trying to use. I used a valid u.s. zip code. I also used an hsbc visa credit card. Did not have any problems installing and verifying the unblock us week free trial.
    Appreciate your advice.

  71. I am having similar problem. I cannot sign up using Citibank visa credit card. It keeps telling me there appears to be a problem with the card you are trying to use. I used a valid u.s. zip code. I also used an hsbc visa credit card. Did not have any problems installing and verifying the unblock us week free trial.
    Appreciate your advice.

  72. Im having an issue right now when I try to sign up to netflix, I log in via unblock-us and when I enter my credit card details and click the “start membership” button the website just hangs…. ive tried on PC, mac and Ipad and dont get and response from my browser on any. any ideas?

  73. Jacinta on said:

    Just want to say I set up the unblockus account it was easy peasy, then set up a netflix account – used 90210 for the zip code and used my commonwealth bank credit card, clicked submit – seemed to have an error and had to click home then it went straight to my account! so simple!
    Set up Netflix on my AppleTV and voila! Working perfectly.
    So glad I came across this site, instruction were so helpful. Really happy :)

  74. Shonna on said:

    Hi, have been using Netflix for a couple of days now on the ps3,. Had issues yesterday with error messages and it not being able to connect to Netflix servers, but it seemed to resolve itself. Today it has happened again, I have waited and tried again numerous times but still keeps saying it can’t connect to Netflix, ( ui-800-3 ). Is there anything I should be trying or just continue waiting and attempting to log on?

  75. Chris G on said:

    Good advice and help on this page – excellent work. Just did it all yesterday following the exact guide that was posted here – 100% works.
    Now I’m watching thousands of movies and tv series for 8 dollars a month.

    Foxtel? – you idiot :)

  76. Just been trying the above and could not use three different credit cards. So, using the unblock-us access I just created a new American based paypal account with an American address and put in credit card info to that, which it accepted. Then went back to netflix and paid via that paypal account, and it went through. Hope that helps. Mike

  77. helen on said:

    hey….if I subscribe can both my daughter and I use the log-in for netflix at the same time? I really wanna get rid of the pay tv :(

  78. thanks for the great site! got it going ok. my question is, some current shows are listed as ‘available on DVD only’, such as the big bang theory. These can’t be viewed with the $8 subscription?

  79. Thanks for the above info it all works great!
    Question though, can I take my ipad to my friends house or work and play Netflix through there? If so what do I need to do?

  80. Chris on said:

    Trying ti set up on an ipad. I got through all of the various stages, but couldn’t find the right app in the itunes store to play anything. Can anyone please help me. Cheers

  81. Cameron on said:

    Thanks for the guide. Our local video store closed down about a month ago. Last night, we watched our first Netflix movie via our PS3. The quality was very good, and I couldn’t be happier.

    It was *very* tedious getting Netflix to accept a credit card when signing up for the free trial. I must have tried about thirty times, over three days. Cards I tried: BOQ Visa, 28 degrees Mastercard, Cash Passport Mastercard, Entropay Visa. All these cards were repeatedly rejected.

    The Cash Passport call centre told me they will not approve Netflix payments, so that card will never work. The BOQ call centre told me that Netflix had sought and received pre-approval, so the rejection was on the Netflix end at the very end of the process. That started me wondering about the basis on which Netflix was rejecting my application. They must be retaining some state on the previous rejections.

    I turned on private browsing (Safari on Mac OSX), and tried many more times, without success. After doing nothing for more than 24 hours, I tried using the Entropay Visa from a Firefox browser, and the card was accepted. I had previously tried this card several times, over several days without success. This was the first time I’d used a different browser.

    I’m not sure that any of that explains what’s going on, or even if it’s relevant, but that’s what worked for me.

    Thanks again for the guides.

    • Cameron on said:

      One other point: regarding gift subscriptions, which some have successfully used.

      You can still redeem gift subscriptions, but the page
      currently says:
      “Gift subscriptions are not currently available for purchase on”

  82. Trav on said:

    I have a wd tv media player. Once I get unblock-us on my PC will the media player and other devices recognise it or will Netflix only work on my PC?

  83. Sarah on said:

    I seem to be getting stuck on the enter payment. It doesn’t give me an error, it just gives a little “working wheel” for ages and ages… anyone know how to fix it?

  84. Hi, I am a bit of an oxymoron when it comes down to a few things, my question is that I only have media player-Kaiser Baas can I set up through the computer or do I set up through the tele.

  85. Solution on said:


    There is no such Netflix gift cards and I’ve spent days trying to pay using an Aus credit card. It never worked and I gave up.

    Do this.

    1) Go to Paypal (through either Unblockus or VPN).
    2) Go to google map and pick any spot you like in the US.
    3) Register a US account using the address you’ve picked. You can use any of your Aus credit cards and phone numbers. It works
    4) Log in to Netflix and pay for you subscription using your new Paypal account.


  86. Jack on said:

    I had no problem setting up a Netflix account. Thanks for your guide.
    However, I am disappointed that almost every program I wish to watch is available in DVD only, and we Aussies are not eligible for the DVD version.

  87. Hi there! Great site and hoping to get my hands on netflix.
    How do you know which dns number to enter into my device?

  88. Jeff on said:

    I tried to post here before but think it might have gone into cyberspace instead.
    I have a VPN and Netflix account. Works perfectly on my PC (Windows8) and Andriod tablet but I can’t transfer it to my TV. No joy with Chromecaster and that’s what I thought it was for. Any suggestions?

    • admin on said:

      I have a Chromecast but havent gotten around to testing it with Netflix. Will look into it and if I can get it to work will post a guide. Cheers!

  89. Monica on said:

    Thanks to your instructions I have been able to use unblock-us on my laptop and have access to netflix (using my comm bank card and an American postcode.)My only issue now is my LG Blu Ray player; I have changed the dns settings but I still do not have a netflix app.
    What can I do? I tried logging in to lgapps US but it wont let me do it on a blu Ray.
    Any ideas?

  90. Sweta on said:

    I am in Australia and want to unsubscribe Netflix. I have not been able to set it up on my apple TV and my unblock us account has expired too. I cannot access netflix and am getting charged for it.

  91. damian on said:

    I have had nexflix working perfectly through apple tv by changing its DSN. but we just changed from adsl to bigpond cable and now we get Netflix is currently unavailable. Try again later.

    any advise?

      • Hi Andrew, I’m also on bigpond cable with a netgear CG24N netgear modem. Checked all the options and can’t find where to change the primary and secondary DNS settings. Any idea if these have been blocked on the Telstra cable modems?

        Everything else works perfectly but wid prefer a router change rather than fiddling with each device.

        Thanks for any insights you may have?

  92. Hi Costin,

    which one is the best, to change the router VPN or to change every single devices? if I change the router (Telstra ADSL+2), would I have any problem with internet? I’m using it for all devices at home

    • I change at my router and it works fine for me. I find that best as every device works straight away with no messing around on each device.

  93. Hi,
    I live in Australia and my sister has a Netflix account in the UK. Do you know if I can just pay for the unblock and use her account? She can use her account on up to 3 devices.
    Keri :)

  94. G’day,
    Quick question. Does netfix allow for downloading and watching later, or only streaming. Max speed I can get is 1.4MB/sec in the late evening. Most times I’m around 500 – 700 KB/sec in the afternoon/early evening. I know there are some 3rd party video capture apps that detect and record streamed video, but I’m not interested in that as they are still generally reliant on a good bandwidth to display the content and record it. If NF doesn’t allow for downloading and saving then don’t think I would bother. Can you let me know, please?
    Cheers :)

  95. Figured I’d leave some small details here for anyone that might want to go down this route

    I tried signing up with my Unblock-Us region picker set to the US and it outright rejected both my card and my Paypal

    But setting it to the UK allowed me to sign up with an Australian Paypal address

    So if there’s anyone out there either having trouble using their credit card, or resistant to that idea in general, Paypal seems to work fine for Netflix UK

  96. Anubhav on said:

    This is awesome!! Managed to get this all done in 1 hour including setting my Xbox,iPhone and my Laptop. Payment option was bit hassle, but then I used my Australian Amex and worked perfectly. Enjoying movie now on Sunday evening. Thanks very much.

  97. Hi,
    I recently tried to sign up to Netflix and got the postcode error. Tried to change it now I get the Sorry, we are unable to process your request. Please try again later message. However despite not being successful yet I have noticed there is already a pending charge on my credit card which I checked via netbank. Will this be charged? How can I cancel if I cant even start my membership?!

  98. Charles on said:

    Hi Andrew, I’m also on bigpond cable with a Netgear CGD24Nv3 modem. Checked all the options and can’t find where to change the primary and secondary DNS settings. Any idea if these have been blocked on the Telstra cable modems?

    Everything else works perfectly but would prefer a router change rather than modifying each device.

    Thanks for any insights you may have?

  99. I am getting an error when trying to subscribe to netflix it says
    Sorry we are unable to complete thevsignup process now. Please try again later.
    Is something wrong or do i genually need to try later. Ive been trying for a few days

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