Netflix Australia Alternative

So you’ve heard about Netflix and how awesome it is… then you find out you can’t get it in this country. Surely there’d be a Netflix alternative here right? Well there is. It’s called Quickflix… but it is seriously expensive and has a severely limited content offering, which is the same reason that Netflix likely hasn’t come here yet. All the content rights is wrapped up by various different parties which makes a Netflix alternative here a sub-standard prospect.

Netflix Australia Alternative

There is also services like Foxtel. They have relatively decent shows on offer, and a wide range of channels if you opt for the higher priced packages. The problem with Foxtel is two-fold. The first is the service is not on-demand. You are stuck watching shows as per the schedule when Foxtel wants you to. This doesn’t make it a viable Netflix alternative, as one of the greatest things about Netflix is your ability to watch shows on demand. The other problem with Foxtel is the price. You’re looking at around $100 per month for access to their package with decent TV shows. When you compare this to around $15 per month for Netflix and this is yet another example of why Foxtel is not a viable Netflix Australia alternative.


Finally there is the illegal downloads route. Yep, you can get pretty much every tv show and movie you want for free if you download it via torrents. This is the straight up, illegal way to go. Of course you can get in trouble for downloading illegal torrents, so you’re taking a risk. If you like to live life on the wild side (a very tame, mild wild that is) then this is a viable Netflix Australia alternative.Netflix Australia Alternative Guide

But as you’ve probably worked out from this site, there is no need for an alternative to Netflix because you can get access to the system from Australia if you follow the instructions here. That gives you access to the huge library of content on offer to people who live in the United States. It really is awesome, and makes those rainy, hung over days a lot easier to take. So stop the search for a Netflix alternative and use the system to get netflix explained on this site!

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4 thoughts on “Netflix Australia Alternative

  1. Hi,
    When trying to setup an netflix account it appears that you need a USA credit card? I have tried paypal and that fails to?
    Any ideas?


    • admin on said:

      Hi David, make sure to use a USA zip code. Try a few different ones as I’ve heard matching the Zip Code to the location of the Unblock-Us VPN works. Also if you’re using a commonwealth bank debit card there are issues sometimes so maybe try another credit card. If that all fails try the gift card workaround detailed on this site!

  2. Hi David, set up an unblock account and successfully signed up with Nexflix. Purchased a WD TV Live box and linked it to my wireless modem. Watched a movie on the computer but can not access Nexflix on the WD media player. The app is on the media player but will not work after putting my user name and password in

    • Hi Gary,

      You’ll need to set the WD TV Live Box up to use the Unblock-Us DNS settings as well. Or set up your router to use their DNS settings so that every device that connects to that router can access Netflix.

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