Is Watching Netflix In Australia Via A VPN Legal?

The first thing people ask when they hear about the technique to watch Netflix in Australia spoken about on this site is – is it illegal? And fair enough too.

But let’s think about it for a second – you are a paying customer of Netflix, so you are not stealing from them in any way at all. The content being provided on Netflix has all passed copyright laws as long as you’re paying to access it.

When it comes to the specific question of whether or not it is legal to watch Netflix in Australia this quote probably sums it up best:

A spokesperson for Attorney-General Robert McClelland told The Australian last week: “In relation to the use of VPNs by Australians to access services such as Hulu and Netflix, on the limited information provided there does not appear to be an infringement of copyright law in Australia.”

So it doesn’t violate any copyright law in Australia. Australia also has a parallel import law in conjunction with the USA which also clearly defines accessing Netflix as legal.

With that in mind – you can not be arrested or charged or fined or anything of the sort for accessing Netflix using the method explained on this site. It’s pretty black and white in fact.


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58 thoughts on “Is Watching Netflix In Australia Via A VPN Legal?

    • admin on said:

      You would be able to access Netflix through the web browser on your iPad with this system. If you want the actual App for your ipad all you need to do then is create an American iTunes account. Plenty of guides around on how to do that if you do a Google search on it.

  1. When you sign up for Netflix aren’t you agreeing to a contact? Would supplying a false address be breaking that contact?

    • admin on said:

      Hi Chad,

      I’d say you’re probably right – you are likely breaking some aspect of the Terms of Service with Netflix, although I haven’t read it.

      In any case it’s not something that could bring you into trouble in a legal sense, you’d simply be violating their terms of service – the worst result being they terminate the account.

      So all things considered when you weigh up the pros of accessing the service like this that’s a risk that’s fine with me!

      • Hi,

        I was wondering if I do this and use a fake address won’t they send paper documentation or information to that address with my personal information on it that I wouldn’t receive.


  2. Emily on said:

    I can’t get it to work as my paypal account is Australian, and my credit card won’t work either. How did you get around that?

    • admin on said:

      My credit card worked fine so I haven’t had to try and get around it. Have you looked into purchasing Netflix gift cards for yourself? I’ve heard that can work on the rare occasion it doesn’t accept the credit card.

      • Lachlan on said:

        Also you can buy the prepaid visa cards from the post office and sign up using that, then later change the subscription to your credit card, its a bit more of a hassle but i should work

    • admin on said:

      Yes this may be the case, in which case the worst that can happen is your Netflix account would be cancelled and you end up back where you started, with no access to Netflix. That’s a risk I’m willing to take for the awesomeness.

  3. Genevieve on said:

    Hey guys I used this and within a month I got sent a copyright infringement notice from tpg from america. if i did not cease they were going to take legal action

    • admin on said:

      That infringement notice would have nothing to do with this. That sort of notice is very common. They get sent out to people when they download tracked torrents. I’d say it is highly likely you have downloaded a torrent to receive that.

  4. Karina Barley on said:

    I already have a netflix account and a hulu account as I’ve been travelling the usa for three months. How can I use these accounts in australia?


    • admin on said:

      Just set-up your xbox or PS3 or media device to use the service linked to on this site. Then get the Netflix app or access the netflix site and use your existing account details!

  5. I’m prepared to try it and experience awesomeness. I’m glad there a sensible, smart people like you in australia pushing the envelope! Lol

  6. Tracey on said:

    thanks for your info. I’ve set up Netflix using Apple TV and it worked great the first day but since then I keep getting a screen message that “netflix is unavailable at this time. Try again later.” I’ve restarted and checked all logins. Any ideas?

  7. If I was to change the DNS settings on my PC would it change them for everyone connected to the same network as me?

    I’m asking because I don’t want my dad freaking out at me.

    And can I change everything back to the way it was if I don’t want to do it anymore?


    • If you change the DNS on your router it would change the settings for everyone on the network, if it’s just the PC then it shouldn’t.

      And yes very easy to change back, just make a note of what the settings were before you make any changes.

      • I have a WDTV Live player, and it works perfectly with UnblockUS and Netflix and HuluPlus.
        However, the latest version of the WDTV Live firmware is geoblocked, so you need to roll it back to an earlier version. This is a simple process you can do with older firmware on a USB stick. The old firmware is conveniently available from the WD product website. I have also heard the very latest versions of the WD player itself are geoblocked at a hardware level. Don’t know how true this is.
        Good luck!

  8. Can you record from netflix so you dont have to keep downloading the same movie each time? (my kids watch the same thing over and over)

  9. I’ve been using unblock-us & accessing netflix for some time now & I really like the choice available on netflix.

    Lately when accessing netflix on my Sony BDP-S5100 blu-ray player, i keep getting stuck on netflix’s sign up page on the TV. They have a member sign in as well. But it’s a real pain having to do that manually via the remote on the TV each time. If I do this I can get through ok. But this is happening every time now.

    I’ve checked that I’m still a member with unblock-us & netflix & all ok there. I am paying for the subscriptions. I can sign in on my iMac. So i don’t understand why i can’t have auto access through the blu-ray player.

    Do you know what might be the problem? Do you think Sony Australia is getting in the way?

    Many thanks for your help & website.



  10. If you want an address in the US get one here:

    ComGateway allows you to purchase from US companies who won’t send OS. The goods are delivered to them and then re-sent to your AUS address. (& if the company won’t take AUS CCs, for a small fee they will also purchase products on your behalf.) While I doubt you could use their CC service for a netflix subscription, it’s a real address associated with you…

    Your address would look something like this, (where XXX-XXXX would be your account number):

    17146 NE Sandy Blvd
    c/o XXX-XXXX
    Portland, OREGON 97230

    cheers, D

  11. Will on said:

    This is ILLEGAL!!! The studios have licensed Netflix to distribute content on particular terms in the US and other larger markets, they haven’t licensed Netflix for Australia. has the licence to distribute content in Australia and is AUSTRALIAN OWNED. USE THEM !!!

    • admin on said:

      The Attorney General of Australia explicitly said it’s not illegal. plenty of massive publications like Choice & The Sydney Morning Herald advocating that people do this and that it’s not illegal.

  12. My connection is not that great and i am thinking running my connection to the US through a VPN will make it even slower how well does handle the connection

    according to netflix page you only need 3mbps to stream dvd quality video and 5mbps for HD quality

    my connection is 6mbps so i would think that it would be okay but past experience watching streaming content online suggests i will have to put up with constant buffering has anyone experience buffering issues especially with a connection around the same or less than mine

    • admin on said:

      The DNS redirection only happens when you first communicate with the Netflix server, the rest of the time it reverts to your normal Australian connection so shouldn’t be slow.

  13. Jason on said:

    But if you are registering a bogus US address with Netflix, aren’t you technically breaking the law by providing false information ? Still not convinced on this I’m sorry. Show me the disclaimer where it says on Netflix website that Australian residents are able to utilise the service via a VPN or other unblocking service and I’ll sign up today.

    • admin on said:

      No, you are simply breaking their Terms of Service which means they can cancel your account. That’s simply a business/consumer issue, you are not breaking the law.

  14. Rebecca on said:

    We have been paying for and accessing Netflix (in Australia)on our Samsung TV for the past few months, however Samsung have recently run an update that blocks out Netflix. Has anyone else found this? Could it be due to the monopoly Telstra and Foxtel have on our marketplace?

  15. I got the VPN working, and Netflix appears to think I’m in the US, but when I try to create an account I get an error ‘sorry we are unable to complete signup process now’. Been trying for 3 days. Is Netflix down? Or has something changed to stop this process working? Thanks.

  16. It’s better than downloading torrents. I’m sick of trying to get content legally and being thwarted by old fashioned business models.
    When I want to watch something and it isn’t available in stores or video libraries then what are my options? Get it from itunes or google play in a format that will only work through certain devices which then have to be connected to my tv? No thanks (even if what I want is available there).
    Netflix is the only thing that comes close to the convenience of downloading a torrent and then plugging a usb drive in to my tv (or using a western digital tv live like I have). There are seriously a lot of cases where I’ve paid for something on the google store just so I feel like I’m not stealing, and then download a torrent which is far quicker and easier to watch.
    And the studios wonder why people pirate…

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