How To Set-Up Netflix on Your Xbox 360 in Australia

So you’ve got an Xbox 360 and you want to watch Netflix in Australia? It certainly is possible. This post shows you exactly how to do it. The post makes the assumption that you have signed up for an Unblock-Us account first. If you haven’t signed up for an account with them it’s impossible to watch Netflix so check it out – they have a free trial so you can try before you buy, nothing to lose.

Once you have set yourself up with an Unblock-Us account you will just need to set-up an American Xbox account. The free account is fine, so just sign up for one and use fake American address details. Then you need to configure your Xbox 360 to ensure it uses the Unblock-Us service when it’s speaking to the Netflix servers. This really is pretty simple to do. First things first – turn your Xbox on. Once it’s up and running perform the following steps:

  • Go to My Xbox, select System Settings.
  • Select Network Settings.
  • Select Wired Network or the name of your wireless network.
  • Select Configure Network.
  • On the Basic Settings tab, select DNS Settings.
  • Select Manual.
  • Select Primary DNS Server.
  • Enter the primary DNS server as in the table below and then select Done.
  • Select Secondary DNS Server.
  • Enter secondary DNS server as in the table below and then select Done.
Primary DNS
Secondary DNS


  • Select Done again.
  • Press the B button on your controller, and then select Test Xbox LIVE Connection.


Restart your XBox 360 before using the service

Once you have restarted the X-Box just head to the Unblock-Us website on your Xbox web browser. This will then confirm if you have set it all up correctly.

Finally download the Netflix app making sure you’re using your American Xbox account to do so.

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72 thoughts on “How To Set-Up Netflix on Your Xbox 360 in Australia

  1. Brodie Capel on said:

    my only concern with this is when playing online games,…. such as bl;ack ops 2. wont the VPN put me as being in the US… and therefor ematch me with US players and possibly more lag then if i were playig someone in AUS i will mor ethen likely just by an Apple TV to get around this… but its stil somthing i would be intrested in setting up on the xbox

    • admin on said:

      Hi Brodie,

      Thanks for your comment. This won’t be the case though as it’s not a VPN that is on 100% of the time – it is rather a DNS re-direction service. So essentially it will make your connection appear as if it’s based in America only at the moment it is dealing with the Netflix servers. Once connected it reverts back to your regular Australian connection.

      It also only involves itself for services it’s needed on, such as Netflix, when you’re gaming online you will be going through your regular connection.

    • I have signed up (fromPerth) with unblock-us and netflix. I still get a message,ActivateX needs to be activated. How do I activate it? I also dont have a netflix app, how do you download it?
      Please help, getting very frustrated

  2. So per your explanation above would I be able to set up Netflix in the way you’ve described and still access the Australian content such as ABC iView, Foxtel 360 etc? or would I need to remove the DNS setting changes to switch between them?

    • admin on said:

      Hi Tony,

      Yes iView will work no worries – for the bulk of content and services you are using your regular Australian connection, so iView will be accessed through this. It only diverts to a USA connection when required to communicate with the Netflix servers.

      To illustrate my point here’s an image I took this morning for you of iView working fine on the same PS3 that I have featured on the home page of this site running Netflix:

      iView on PS3

      • I am soooo pleased someone has sorted a way to do this!!!I can afford this as well….I have a Smart TV Strong Android WiFi media player thingy..bought it in case I found a way to utilise all entertainment there is…we cant get Foxtel(live in rural NT) but Telstra threw in a TBox when we got NBN on…200GB to use for emails???
        But if we can hook Strong Smart TV thingy up this way won’t cost too much…no video shops here(closets 100klms away.)So thanks so much!Have a Californian address to use (old school friend).If I get stuck ok if I email you?
        Got to buy some Ethernet cords…cheers DEb

  3. Quick question. I understand that this will allow us to connect to Netflix but downloading the client on the Xbox is unavailable for Australians. Does it become available once the Unblock account has been set up?

    • admin on said:

      Hi Jay,

      Thanks for the message. You will need to set-up an American account in order to download the Netflix app.

      Very easy to do – just make a new Gmail or Hotmail email address, then sign up for the free, basic Xbox account with a made up American address and details.

      Then just use this profile to download the Netflix app and make sure you’re signed in with that account whenever you want to watch Netflix.

  4. Roman on said:

    Just wondering if I need to upgrade to xbox live gold on the american account, if that’s the one I’ll be using to watch Netflix, or is it an upgrade which applies to all of my accounts, both US and Aus?

      • This is incorrect. You require an xbox live gold account to access Netflix.

        I just wasted 30 minutes after reading this comment, setting this all up to eventually find out that a Gold membership is required.

        • This is incorrect at the time of writing this post (September 2014). I have a standard Live account, unpaid, and have the Netflix app working fine on a 4GB Xbox 360.

  5. Amit on said:

    I got foxtel on xbox 360 subscription. If i change the location to USA, will it effect my foxtel subscription?

    • admin on said:

      You would need to set-up a new free Xbox account and for that one say you’re located in the USA, and use that login to download the Netflix app, and only use that login whenever you’re watching Netflix. The rest of the time use your current Xbox login. The Unblock-Us service will not have an impact on the Foxtel stream.

  6. I was able to install Netflix with a free US profile. But I can’t run it without upgrading to a gold account. I think they changed the rules recently.

    • admin on said:

      Hi Ian,

      This could be a recent change, it has worked fine with the free version for many other people I have spoken to. I am not an Xbox guy so I can’t test it, but I guess it might be worth upgrading the Netflix account to Gold if it is cheap enough. I think the Netflix content is worth it.

      • I bought an android smart box TV thingie on ebay for $45. Still waiting for it to arrive. It should do the trick. Netflix works great on my smart phone.

      • “I guess it might be worth upgrading the Netflix account to Gold if it is cheap enough” < I guess it might be worth knowing what the hell you are talking about. there is no such thing as a "gold" Netflix. he is talking about his xbox live subscription.

        • Yes. Thanks for your insightful post. I obviously meant Xbox instead of Netflix, I know a thing or two about what Netflix offers. You’re pretty special.

  7. Davd on said:

    hi, great info, very helpful but this DOES require a gold membership. to be honest i think i’m going to pay for one just because netflix is worth it in the end.

    • admin on said:

      I’m a PS3 man myself. How much is the Xbox Gold membership? Maybe buying a cheap Android media centre device would be better?

      • Davd on said:

        Yeah, actually that probably would be marginally cheaper assuming it’ll do the trick – someone above mentioned buying an Android box for $45 on eBay, the Xbox Gold membership is $60 for a year (either the price has dropped lately or this is because it’s an American subscription, I remember paying $80-90 last time).

        Anyway, being impatient I just bought a Gold subscription for my US account.. so factoring in all costs ($5 per month for Unblock-us, $8 per month for Netflix and $60 per year for Xbox Gold) it costs $18 a month for Netflix on Xbox. Totally worth it considering I’ve been paying between $30-40 a month for years for Quickflix whose streaming selection would have been dated 30 years ago and are deleting disc titles weekly.

        Thanks again for the info, awesome to have it working.

  8. Hailz on said:

    Hi, I used this site to get Netflix on my xbox, and it works great! Thanks :D But I was just wondering.. I have tried to buy movies/shows on my American account, and it says, ‘This item isn’t available in your region’. I thought that the unblock us account would work for this as well, but apparently not.. Is there any way to be able to buy movies and shows as well??
    Thanks, Hailz :)

    • admin on said:

      The system isn’t set up to work with the Xbox account. You could look at getting a VPN to make your connection look American and then share that connection with the Xbox but it’s a lot more complicated.

  9. Maple on said:

    Hey, I would just like to say thank you for the very detailed instructions. I just finished setting up everything on my Xbox360. The only problem I had was the gold membership with the american account. As I don’t want to pay for an extra account. I simple downloaded the app on the american account & signed in as my normal account to watch Netflix. It seems to be working perfectly.

    • admin on said:

      Hi Maple, thanks for the update. So you’re saying the best steps to take are:

      1. Sign up for Unblock-Us and set up your Xbox to use the service.

      2. Create a free American Xbox account and download the Netflix App

      3. Access the Netflix App using your normal Australian Xbox account

      I am not an Xbox guy so would be interested to hear if these are the right steps.

    • Hi Maple,really keen to get this set up.
      Assuming you have a gold Australian xbox membership… so once you downloaded the Netflix app through the US membership did you simply switch users to your Aussie gold membership to watch it?

      • Lonnie on said:

        Hi Guys, I just set up Netflix on our Xbox. I used my name with an American address to download the app, then used my husbands sign in (he has a gold membership) to access Netflix. All is good now !!!… lol

  10. Mick on said:

    Hi Guys,
    Thanks for all the useful advice. I think I’ve almost got this. I have my Unblock-Us account and my Netflix accounts, everything is working fine on all our other devices. For the Xbox, I have created a US account and can access and login to Netflix in a Bing Browser but can’t find the app to download in the app centre. Any ideas?



  11. Darcy on said:

    Is it necessary to have an xbox live gold account in order to use Netflix? Or will Xbox live silver (free version) suffice?

      • Darcy on said:

        Okay, thank-you! Also, another question:
        What kind of internet speeds are recommended for optimal use of netflix? I understand it is an internet streaming service not a tv service such as foxtel? Will this streaming deal a significant blow to my monthly bandwidth?

        • admin on said:

          You will want ADSL 2 or Cable internet to enjoy it properly. And ideally as much bandwidth per month as possible. I’d go for 250 gig per month minimum if you want to watch it a lot.

          Netflix Movies (HD): These guys are around 3.8Mbit, which means it’s about 3600MB for a 2 hour HD movie.
          Netflix Movies (SD): Each of these movies are around 500-700MB each, depending on the length of the movie.
          Netflix TV Shows (HD): A 30-minute TV show will be about 1500MB.
          Netflix TV Shows (SD): A 30-minute TV show will be about 400MB.

  12. Adam on said:

    Thanks for the guide. Works well, but I have had mixed results. I’ve been
    Able to stream some shows, but the next morning I am unable to log back in,I get several errors.

    Does my PC need to be on for this to work?

    • admin on said:

      No the PC doesnt have to be on. Are the DNS details set up on the device or your router? I’d try them at the router if you’re having issues.

  13. monty on said:

    Hey i can get all the way to a show or movies and then when i try to watch it i get an error code N8102-154-5005 and says it may be a verification error. But then when i log on to my account via the internet my account looks fine. Please help its driving me insane being so close. Thanks

  14. I have a unblock-us and netflix accounts and have been watching on my Samsung tv through a netgear N600 dual band adsl modem router on my bigpond adsl account.
    Having just changed to bigpond cable the supplied Telstra (netgear CG31000)does not allow access to unblock-us due to a DNS problem as the unit does not allow for any changes to settings.
    Is there any way around this

    • Hi gmack. I would try changing the DNS settings on the actual device you want to watch netflix on rather than trying to change it at the router. That would be the quickest way around this. Hopefully the Samsung tv allows that?

  15. Keith Buck on said:

    Hey, i have been using netflix on xbox for a few months, now all of a sudden i cannot find the netflix app in my video apps. Has something changed? I can still access it on my computer so netflix is working.

    • Netflix updated their app to a schmick new layout recently. it could have something to do with that? Try installing the app on Xbox again.

  16. Boxanata on said:

    Cheers. I’m now watching Netflix with my Australian XBL account!

    I done what Lonnie did. Done the Unblock-Us stuff, signed into XBL with my Silver US account, downloaded Netflix, switched to my Aust Gold profile when it told me I needed a gold account to use the Netflix app, & bang! I’m now watching Netflix on my Aust account.

  17. Timothy on said:

    I am upto the step where I have to download the app with the silver USA account I created and even though the app is free it won’t let me download because it says
    “Your credit card info couldn’t be retrieved”
    Buy this item with money in your Microsoft account or try again later
    Any ideas on how to get past this one? :/

  18. I am planning on doing this straight from my PC, not Xbox or ps4. What Internet speeds do I need. I saw on the netflix website there requirements and I meet them but does unblock-us slow my connection down. I can sustain a 400kB/s but sometimes 800 which I think is around 5Mb/s up to 6.5Mb/s. Is this enough, what do you guys have, also what size data plan do you have? Is 100gb enough, I watch about 4 hours a day average.

    • No this doesnt slow your connection down as you are actually switched back to you normal Australian connection once connected to Netflix. Do some research as to how much data Netflix uses. 100 GB per month should allow quite a lot of streaming, assuming you’re not downloading a lot of other videos, torrents, music etc.

  19. Hi,

    Can the DNS settings be used and disabled (but saved) for use when required?

    My thinking is to use the DNS settings of the VPN host only when watching Netflix, and the rest of the time use the default connection.

    This way we dont have to enter the DNS details each time we want to use it.

    Does it work this way?

    • Hi. This is effectively how the system works anyway. The DNS only changes when you communicate with Netflix, the rest of the time it is your own connection.

  20. John B on said:

    Question: I assume one cannot simply achieve this setup for Netflix utilising the browser on the Sony Bravia TV?? If answer is as I expect ” No” then what is the easiest way to go EG WD Media Player or Apple TV. If I go WD Player can I set up a US a/c thru that?.

    I only have Tivo so far but can’t use that.

    I have an iPad mini and Aust Apple a/c but thought WD Player might be easier if instructions are available (DNS etc).

    Appreciate advice

  21. Hi, just set up netflix on xbox 360, i only changed the codes on my xbox to receive netflix through xbox 360, I live in Australia and set up a US account etc, netflix is working fine, but realised my ipad that works off the the same modem is working intermittently, is this because of my changes to xbox 360, or a coincidence??. Thanks

  22. Does anyone know how to activate “ActiveX”,on xbox360. I don’t have a netflix app and do not know how to download it!
    I already have a gold membership on xbox, please help!


  23. I installed netflix on my xbox 360 and it was working great, last night however I received this error code ui-800-3, I googled it and ran through the entire troubleshooting list but it still wont connect, can anyone help me with this problem?

  24. hey,

    trying to get netflix on the 360,
    i have had it for a few months now on other devices with no troubles, one being a ps3, however i try to download the app on the 360 through an american account however it says i cant, i dont understand as this is a free app? so why do i need a gold account to download something for free? also when i try and watch it in the browser it says activeX is not “active” so how do i conquer this? any help would be appreciated, thanks

    PS. i tried getting the free trial, however my australian mastercard would not work?


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