How To Set-Up Netflix on Your Playstation 3 in Australia

This tutorial gives you a quick run down of the steps to take to set-up Netlifx on your PlayStation 3 (PS3) if you live in Australia. If you live in Australia you’re probably well aware that Netflix isn’t available here. The beauty is you’re able to access it if you have an Unblock-Us account. So make sure you have one of those first. I have a full tutorial on how to set that up right here so check that out too.

If you’re ready to rock and set Netflix up on your PS3 read on.

Once again this post assumes you have signed up for an Unblock-Us account. If you haven’t done that yet do it first. It has a free trial period so there’s nothing to lose.

1. You will need to create a new PSN account to use with Netflix. This needs to be an American account as the Australian ones won’t work. This is dead easy to do – you can complete the process online so it’s nice and easy. Just head to the Playstation USA site and create the new account. Click the “Join PSN” link in the top right corner of the site to do it.

psn-sign-up2. Once you have the account created you will need to add a new user to your PS3 – you can’t assign a new PSN login to an exisiting user on the Playstation, so create a new user. I named my user “Netflix” and sign in as that user whenever I want to watch Netflix.

3. Now you need to set the Playstation 3 up to use the Unblock-Us DNS servers. So what this does is when the Playstation speaks to the Netflix servers, instead of going out from your Australian connection it is routed through a USA connection, so the Netflix servers think you are based in the USA. Once this has been confirmed and a connection established it automatically reverts back to the Australian connection, and all is good. It’s fast, brilliant and easy.

So all you have to do is set-up the internet connection on your new “Netflix” user account on the PS3:

1. Select (Settings) > (Network Settings).
2. Select [Internet Connection Settings].
3. Select [Yes] when a confirmation screen is displayed stating that you will be disconnected from the Internet.
4. Select [Custom]. Leave all settings as is until you reach [DNS Settings].
5. Select [Manual] and fill the DNS server fields with the Unblock-Us values from the table below:

Primary DNS
Secondary DNS

6. Press Right button on the PS3 controller until offered to check connection. Check connection to save the new settings.

7. Restart the PS3.

8. To watch Netflix on the Playstation you can use the awesome Netflix app – it is great, you can scroll through all the titles in a really nice, easy to use format – it is 100% designed for lounging around watching tv shows from the comfort of your lounge room

  • To install the Netflix application  – open this address from the PS3 Internet Browser. Remember that you must be signed in to an American PSN account and have your PS3 set-up as per the instructions above in order for this to work

So there you have it – that’s all there is to it to have your Playstation 3 set-up so you can watch Netflix in Australia. I have this exact set-up running on the PS3 in my room and one in my living room. It’s awesome. Enjoy.

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83 thoughts on “How To Set-Up Netflix on Your Playstation 3 in Australia

  1. H,what a fantastic idea!i I am so close yet just stuck on the setting up of the playstation to watch netflix i cant seem to get a “check conection”to come up after i have changed the primary dns and secondary dns..hmmm any help ideas?

    • admin on said:

      Are you pressing across on the D-Pad? If not then try checking with the Unblock-Us support forums, they are pretty good with their answers there.

      Another option would be to apply the DNS changes to your router – that way any device that connects to the router will be able to use this system automatically.

    • Joel Aarons on said:

      The solution to this is to keep going till you see DNS settings. You’re changing the wrong settings. I know, because it happened to me too.

    • Also, if you are having trouble connecting it might be that unblock us hasn’t recognised your PS3’s network connection. Just visit the unblock us website and login to make sure this is working

  2. I have gotten the check connection bit working now and have installed the netflix app now however i get to the sign in screen and then it loads and tells me that its not available in this country,however its working on my mac…any help with that one?I have checked the dns numbers match the ones above so im not sure why its not working?

  3. James Bailey on said:

    Hi, I am currently setting up my new USA PSN account so I can access netflix, during the account creation it asks for my address and obviously I dont not live in USA how do I go about this? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


    • admin on said:

      Hi James,

      I just make up an address. I used Beverly Hills with Zip Code 90210 to make my address up, but you could look up a zip code in any State and then just make the address up – as long as the state and zip code are right then it doesn’t matter what you do for the actual street address part.

      • James Bailey on said:

        Hi, thanks a lot for the speedy response it was much appreciated. I will go ahead and give it go. Once again, thanks!

  4. hi, i have tried this, and netflix works but wont connect to any of the 4 servers????????

    • admin on said:

      Hi. I’m not sure what you mean by “won’t connect to any of the 4 servers” – what error message are you getting exactly, and where are you getting it?

  5. emma on said:


    I have done all of the above without any issues however when i try and open the Netflix App it starts to load and then says “We’re having a problem connecting to Netflix. Please try again or visit: Code: nw-4-7″

    any ideas what to do?

  6. darlene on said:

    hi, we use vpn authority but have no idea where to find the ‘primary & secondary dns’s” any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

    • admin on said:

      “vpn authority” won’t work with this set-up. You need to use the service linked on this site. If you wanted to use VPN authority you would have to share the VPN connection with your media device each time. It’s a fair bit more complicated to do.

  7. Jeremy on said:

    Hi, i have done all the steps, but when i open Netflix it does not work because it has a connection problem
    The code is: nw-4-7

  8. James on said:

    I have got it to work but Netflix is just offering 1 month free trial. I was under the impression it was free via the PS3.
    If you are paying, won’t it ask for a US credit card?
    Thanks for your help. A great guide too.

    • admin on said:

      Hi James,

      Glad you found the site useful! Netflix is not free unfortunately, no matter how you watch it. But at $8 a month it is so cheap you don’t even notice it! It asks for a credit card, Australian cards work okay, plenty of people use them with no worries. If you do run into issues though try entering the card a few times in a row, sometimes it goes through on the third or fourth attempt. If that doesn’t work then you can try the Gift Card Workaround.

    • kimberly on said:

      i jst made a new US paypal account and say ur address is a university in newyork etc.. using my icloud email address and link a spare credit card to the paypal account. its $8 a month and unlock us is also $8 a month I think

  9. Prince on said:

    jUst wondering wil this effect any matchmaking for my multiplayer games on my aus account because i am changing the DNS for the entire network connection? also will i have to open up the browser everytime i want to watch etc? thanks

  10. Hi,

    Ok- so I’ve been trying my commonwealth debit MasterCard and my partners credit card AND tried purchasing a gift card with those cards and my PayPal and its not letting me do it…any further tips?? Cheers :)

    • admin on said:

      Are they all commonwealth bank cards? There seems to be an intermittent issue with the Commonwealth bank cards at the moment.

  11. Hi,

    No, mine is but the other was from a different bank. Oh well guess it won’t work and I wasted all that time setting it up.

    • admin on said:

      Have you followed the instructions properly, with a correct zip code and American address? I have had plenty of other people saying they are signing up with no problems so perhaps there’s been an error made somewhere to cause these issues for you.

      • I have followed your instructions via this site to a tee and the only thing blocking me is the payment. There are no other tips you can provide?

  12. Great post, I am wondering firstly whether it is better to set up netflix on PS3 or if it is better to set it up on AppleTV3?

    Also rather than using those DNS numbers, I have heard you can pay for a VPN service, If someone has a VPN service can they use this with PS3 rather than using the DNS numbers that you have given above?

    • admin on said:

      You could use a VPN for sure… but it involves sharing the connection from your computer with the PS3. When I initially tried doing it that way I spent all day long beating my head against the wall trying to get it to work. Maybe that was because I’m on a mac, but I found it painstaking. The Unblock-us service is much easier, i had that running in five mins.

  13. Chris on said:

    Hi- I’m trying to configure Unblock-us with my router so I can use Netflix on my PS3 however I’m with Telstra and am using their Thomson router and cannot access any DNS settings in order to change the DNS. They have the DNS listed but offer not way of changing it. Was wondering if you knew of a solution from others that have had a similar problem..

    • admin on said:

      I am not familiar with a solution to this, but if you cant change it at the router just set up the DNS settings on your PS3 and it will work that way.

  14. Thanks for this website. Very easy to follow.

    I have everything all setup and running fine, and overall, the whole process only took about 10 minutes to sign up to both services, setup my router with the provided DNS settings, create a US PSN account and download the Netflix app on my PS3.

    It should be noted though, that once you have downloaded the Netflix app onto your PS3 using the US PSN account, you don’t need to use that PS3 profile to actually use the Netflix app. I’ve been using the app on my primary PS3 profile, which is associated with my AUS PSN account.

  15. I don’t have apple tv or a ps3 – which do you recommend to use/purchase and is there any other basic requirements that are required? Pocket wifi or can it be a usb modem? Does it need to be done with the permanent connection with a computer or the internet? Sorry about the random questions

    • I am a PS3 man myself so I always recommend that, but with the PS4 coming out soon you’d probably want to buy that – and it will be $500 +. You can pick up Android media players or Apple TV for cheaper. Really any of them will do the job. Wireless or wired internet is fine. Pocket wifi and USB modems are okay but i would make sure you have a large bandwidth allowance.

  16. Scotty on said:

    Great post. Followed everything perfectly but when I download the Netflix app and attempt to start the free trial it asks for payment (not billed until free trial month finishes). None of my cards work and I’m assuming it has to do with the ZIP code I enter on the payment screen is not linked to my Aussie card? Are there any work arounds?

    • Hi Scotty. There is a gift card work around article on this site, and someone recently posted another work around on the comments section of this site. It was to do with using a virtual credit card service called Entropay –

      Looks like you can set a card up with them and just list your address as in America and it works fine.

  17. Hi, excellent page, thank you!

    We have set up the PC with new DNS and all is ok there. Trying to play it through our LG SMART tv; changed the DNS on that too. We can log in on the LG and browse, but once we hit “play” it asks about system compatibility with Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. We are stumped! Any advice would be wicked, cheers :)

  18. Set up Need to know..

    Best way to set up netflix and everything you should know so that you don’t have any further problems down the track.

    Key point:
    -You should have 2 active email addresses.
    -you can either run dns setting in router or ps3.. PS3 is where people get errors and I will show you how to solve them.
    -A pc makes is alot easier to set up Netflix and PSN America account.

    Ok First off you should understand unblockus Should be set up on PC/router first to make it easy to get a Netflix account and an American PSN account. Especially when using AUS credit cards.
    A second Unblock us account will then need to be set up on PS3 with you another email address to get ps3 dns settings to work independently to router. This account will be the one you continue using after free trials expire.
    Ok lets assume you have gone ahead and gotten your netflix account and psn account, then decided that having the DNS setting stored in the router can have security complications so decide to get the PS3 working independently allowing the router to use my ISP’s dns settings. The first thing you need to do is set the routers dns setting back to auto or your ISP settings. Put the Unblock ones in the ps3 and set a static ip address as well. Sign into you new psn account and open the internet search bar and go to Unblockus. Now you have to use a new email address and get a new unblockus account for the ps3 because it saves it against the ip address. Once that is done log into netflix with you account details and off you go. PLEASE REMEMBER if you do anything on the router and it saves setting you will need to go back into the unblockus website through ps3 and initiate it again , you will see it just above the green lines in a bubble window that it needs to be initiated again. It seems that people are forgetting that last point when they change router setting, tuning it off/on or loosing internet connection for any reason.. Enjoy

  19. I’ve been having the same trouble. I’ve followed everything to a tee!! The app is all up and running, but when in putting my credit card details (I’ve also tried a gift card) it keeps saying “there was an error processing your request. Please try again later”. I’ve tried numerous times and still nothing. I don’t want to get the virtual credit card and pay 5% fees, plus any convention rate every time. Is there any other way around this? Any help would be greatly appreciated, after spending all this time setting up. TIA

  20. I have a PS3 on wifi at home. Do you stream the movies/tv or download them to watch later? What resolution do you get them at?
    Why wouldn’t I just use the PSN store?

  21. Hi i got into netflix and all using this but when i put in my car details and push start memberships is says there was an error processing your request what do i do ??

  22. I started getting u-800 error so decided to redo everything.
    I have not configured router just PS3 with unblockus.
    I cannot set my Primary and secondary DNS. Cannot get right click to save it.
    IP addess is coming as and so is default Router.
    What IP shoule be there ?

  23. Sorry, but can I just double check, which one is the right button? R1, R2 or R3?
    I have tried but it doesn’t seem to want to check the connection – is there another way to make it do this? first time using ps3 unfortunately

    • The right button is on the left hand side of the control – the D pad – it is the one on the right hand side, there is 4 little buttons

    • You will need to create a new PSN that’s based in America then create a new user profile on the PS3 that links to that PSN. Very easy to do!

  24. blackshadow on said:

    Works perfectly for my PS3 and PS4.

    And once it has been set up I just login with my Australian PSN login and can still access the Netflix app on both machines.

  25. Thanks so much, this was very helpful. The only issue I ran into was the error message after I put in Aussie credit card details and zip code. I tried a random US zip code which didn’t work then used my Aussie postcode with a 0 added to the end and that worked.

  26. Hi, just wanted to say THANK YOU!
    All worked perfectly (although did have to add a zero before my postcode when signing up for netflix). Otherwise, I AM SO EXCITED, thank you!

  27. Hi there,

    I have just spent the last 2-3 hours figuring this out. I have downloaded the netflix app and using an american psn but when I try to open the netflix app it says “were having a problem connecting to netflix” my internet connection is fine it just won’t connect to netflix.. please help!

    • Sometimes shows start in poor quality and then improve after a minute or so. If that doesn’t happen then I’d be doing a speed test on your internet connection and seeing if the problem is with that.

  28. I just have my ps3 and don’t have a cable to connect it to the internet, I am guessing it is necessary that I have one for this to work… yes?

  29. For anyone who, like me, had trouble signing up for the free trial via the PS3 Netflix app, I used the PS3 browser and went to the netflix site there (I didnt want to change my MAC DNS settings). It came up with a “page not found” after putting in cc details and clicking enter but then went straight back to the netflix library and is working fine through the app now.


  30. Downloaded Netflix but when I try to access the app it says it is not available in my region. As far as I can see I am signed in to my US PSN account. Not sure what else it could be though.

  31. Lately trying to log on to my psn I get a DSN error 80710102.
    Looking up this error on the net it basically tells me to change my DSN settings…
    What do I do?

  32. Warren on said:

    Thanks for setting this website up… I’m hoping you’re still around. A quick question if I may. I’ve set it all up as per your guidelines, but my PS3 is still recognising me as an Australian user. Do you need to setup an email address in the US before creating a new US playstation account? I’m guessing this is the issue. If so, how to you get around doing this when they ask for a mobile number to verify you live in the country? Cheers

  33. Tony on said:

    I have Unblock-us and netflix set up on a Mac, three iPads and two ps3’s. The mac and iPads I have no trouble with but the ps3’s continually fail to connect, displaying the usual codes of nw 4-7 and nw 2-18 I think it is. After a while, usually involving deleting and reinstalling netflix I can get it working again, but it is a real pain to do every time. Is this a problem with the ps3’s, netflix or unblock-us? I generally leave the mac and the iPads on all the time but turn the ps3’s off when I have finished watching, could this cause the fault as it may generate a new IP address each time they restart? ( I’m not too technically savvy with these things)
    Any help would be appreciated as I am enjoying Netflix and am looking forward to continuing to do so,

  34. I managed to get Netflix up and running on my PS3, but could not get past the credit card details page on Netflix. I have tried all of the suggested workarounds but still no luck. Have Netflix tightened up the card details page recently? Has anyone recently had any luck – or how can I obtain an American Visa card?

  35. Taine Cubitt on said:

    Signed up and everything. Done everything correct, However when I get to the point of downloading the app the PSN store can’t seem to find it. Any suggestions?

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