How To Set Up Netflix On Your Android Device in Australia

This tutorial will show you the necessary steps in setting-up Netflix on your Android phone if you live in Australia.  If you live within Australia, you may already be aware that you cannot access Netflix over here.  However, through the use of an Unblock-Us account, you can have full access to Netflix using your Android phone even if you live within Australia.  Make sure to sign up for an Unblock-Us account first and then set-up your device prior to accessing and registering the Netflix application.  I have a full tutorial on how to setup an account so check that one out too.

Once you are ready to set your Android phone up to access Netflix using Unblock-Us, read on.

Of course, this post is under the assumption that you already have an account signed up with Unblock-Us.  If you don’t, do that first before continuing.  Unblock-Us has a free trial period so you can give it a try and see if you like it.  Basically, there’s nothing to lose.

Changing the DNS of your device into the DNS server provided by Unblock-Us is necessary because it helps to fool Netflix into thinking that you are currently inside the United States.

For Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) phones, do the following:

  1. Go to settings and access Wireless and Networks and then Wi-Fi settings.
  2. Now click on the menu button of your Android phone and select Advanced.
  3. Use static IP
  4. Get the current IP address onto the IP address field.
  5. Set Gateway as router IP (usually the same as current IP except last number is .1, i.e. if your phone IP then router’s likely
  6. Set Netmask (sometimes it’s different, but you should already know what to do if it is)
  7. Set the DNS 1 and DNS 2 server fields below:

Primary DNS -

Secondary DNS –

  1. Click the menu button and press save.
  2. Restart your Android phone.
  3. To verify the configuration you made, go to on our Check Service page.

For Android 4.0+ (Ice Cream Sandwich / Jelly Bean) phones, do the following:

  1. Go to setting and click on Wi-Fi (click on the word Wi-Fi and not the ON/OFF slider).
  2. Press and hold the preferred wireless network (or currently active network).  A dialog box will popup while holding the preferred network.  Click on Modify network.
  3. Scroll over down the box and check the checkbox on Show advanced options.
  4. Click on IP settings and choose Static.
  5. Keep IP address, Gateway and Network prefix length the same (should be set from standard DHCP)
  6. Set the DNS 1 and DNS 2 server fields below:

Primary DNS –

Secondary DNS –

  1. Click on Sav.
  2. Restart your Android phone.
  3. To verify the configuration you made, go to on our Check Service page.
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20 thoughts on “How To Set Up Netflix On Your Android Device in Australia

  1. Kwan Chan on said:

    Hi, I have been enjoying Unblock-us on my AppleTV and iPhone but I am having trouble setting it up on my Android device:

    After following your online direction and filled in all details, the device would not let me save. I notice that the Proxy hostname, Proxy port and Bypass proxy for fields are not filled in. Should I?

    I am running 4.1.1 Android version on a HDMI plugged to TV pocketpc.

    Also, after setting this up properly, would I be able to download the Netflix and Hulu app from the Playstore?

    Many thanks for your help!!!

    Kwan Chan

    • admin on said:

      After setting it up properly you should have no problems with downloading the apps. I am not sure why the device won’t let you save. Have you tried a search for instructions on setting the DNS for your specific device?

  2. Hi Admin!

    I’ve set up Unblock-US on my Android device following the instructions above. I’ve checked my device status on Unblock US, and everything seems to be working. However, when I access the Google Play Store, I can’t download the Netflix app because it says it’s not available in Australia… Any thoughts?

    • admin on said:

      Maybe try making a Google Play account with a new email address and set the account up as if you live in America with an American address.

    • I have done the downloads but when I go to play a movie on Netflix It asks me to click on Netflix app and when I do it comes up with”No results found for “”. Mine is an android tablet Any suggestions

  3. Thanks for this helpful article.

    To get around the Netflix app problem I did this:
    1. After setting up unblock-us settings
    2. I did a BROWSER search for Netflix (because it does not show up in Google Play store)
    3. I clicked on “Install” within the browser
    4. It asked me to sign in to Google Play account in the browser.
    5. I signed in with my regular AUS gmail account.
    6. It installed app and it works just fine.

    • Just a quick caveat.

      The Android version appears to lack some of the features that our iPad version has, such as sub-accounts.

  4. Followed Alan’s advice above but kept on getting a “not available in your country” notification from Google Play.
    Kept trying using same method for maybe five times with the same result and then it installed without a whimper, and it works !! Woohoo

  5. cameron on said:

    I have setup netflix account but can not get the netflix app I used brower to get to the app and it said no compatablie devices.


  6. Jacqui Lea on said:

    I managed to Sideload without VPN or the wifi static alteration. But now have tried to login and get the following –
    VPN : won’t load just keeps spinning the circle
    Wifi Static : says make sure connected to network and date and time settings correct. Changed time and date to Los Angeles but still wanted a carrier connection.
    Without either : Netflix not available in your location.

    Still works fine on pc and iPad. Using Sony Xperia Z1 on Optus but obviously using my home wifi…. Non

    Any help would be much appreciated :-)

  7. I followed the same steps as Alan however I was using Firefox instead of Chrome on a Nexus 7. Chrome would not let me install the app but firefox worked first time.


  8. This worked first time for me with no problems. Thanks alot. I also had to use Firefox to install the Netflix app. Thanks for the instructions.

  9. Neil on said:

    I also had to use Firefox to install Netflix, just clicked install on Netflix page in Play Store, signed in to normal NZ account and that was it. Was already running through Unblock-US DNS servers. Thanks for the tip!

  10. There is an easier way search android market for unblock us enter the email address you use on your unblock us account and thats it done

  11. Hi, wasn’t sure where to ask this. I have a Samsung Smart TV Model UA48H6400AW. I can watch Netflix on my PC, how do I watch it on my TV? Thanks.

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