How To Set Up Netflix On iPhone or iPod in Australia

This tutorial will provide you the necessary steps on how to setup Netflix on your iPhone or iPod device if you live in Australia.  You may very well know that in Australia, you cannot access Netflix due to the geographical limitations Netflix has imposed.  However, if you have an Unblock-Us account, you can have full access to the streaming media that Netflix offers using your iPhone/iPod device.  Before downloading the Netflix app and signing up for an account, make sure you have an Unblock-Us account first and set the necessary configurations on your device to ensure full access on the geographically limited Netflix.  I have a tutorial on how to setup an Unblock-Us account so you may want to check that too.

When you are ready to configure Netflix on your iPhone/iPod, read on.

Again, this post is under the assumption that you have an account signed-up with Unblock-Us already.  If not, then you should get one first before configuring your device.  Unblock-Us provides a free trial so you’ve got nothing to lose.

1. Make sure that your apple devices are updated with the latest firmware.  Otherwise, the configuration setup using Unblock-Us may not work.

2. Once you have signed-up for an account with Unblock-Us and that your iPhone or iPod is updated with the latest firmware, you now need to configure it using the specified Unblock-Us settings.  These settings are necessary in order to trick Netflix into thinking you are from within the United States.

3. To ensure proper connection, make sure that you are connected over a Wi-Fi because you will not be able to use the service when using 3G network.  Also, you need to have a Canadian, US, UK, or any other country iTunes account that has the Netflix app available.  Hulu and other apps are only available for those who have a U.S. iTunes account.

4. To change the setting of your Apple device, go to settings and then on to Wi-Fi.  Press the blue arrow pointing right on the network you want to connect with.

5. A new screen will appear.  Stay on the DHCP tab and scroll down onto DNS.  Remove the numbers there and replace it the following: (note: the two Unblock-Us DNS are separated by a comma).


In order to make these settings work, you need to do the following:

  1. Restart your iPhone/iPod
  2. Using a computer, go to and login to your account.
  3. The Unblock-Us website will now check your service status to see if everything is ready by checking your account and if your DNS is setup correctly.
  4. If your internet address has changed, the dialog box will tell you.  Click on the click here to activate your new internet address to allow our service identify who you are.  Additionally, the dialog box will also inform you of any unpaid invoice or account termination.
  5. These final steps will help to ensure that the Unblock-Us service will work on your device.  If you do not do these final steps, you may not be able to access their service.

Upon finishing the DNS configuration and everything is setup properly, go to the App Store on your device and download the Netflix app.  Upon downloading, open the app and register for an account on Netflix.

Once that is done, all you need to do now is enjoy the media streaming that Netflix has to offer.

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