How To Set-Up Netflix on Apple TV in Australia

This tutorial provides you the necessary steps to set-up Netflix on your Apple TV that uses iOS 5.1 or higher if you live in Australia.  If you are living in Australia, you may very well know that US Netflix is not available here.  The beauty though is that you can have full access to if you have an ExpressVPN account.  Make sure that you have an account on this first.  I have a full tutorial on how to set that up so check that one out too.

If you’re all set and ready to set Netflix up on your Apple TV read on.

Once again, this post assumes that you already have signed up for an ExpressVPN account.  If you haven’t done that yet, try doing it first.  They have a free trial period so there’s nothing to lose.

  1. Make sure your Apple TV is updated with the latest firmware otherwise the configuration using ExpressVPN may not work.
  2. Once you have an account signed-up with ExpressVPN, turn on your Apple TV to configure it using specified ExpressVPN settings.  To be able to watch Netflix in Australia, you need to use the ExpressVPN DNS servers to make Netflix think that you are based in the USA.
  3. To do this, turn the unit on and navigate towards settings.  Go to the general settings and scroll down onto the network settings.  Click on the type of connection you have and scroll down from there to Configure DNS and change it into manual settings.  You will be presented with 4 sets of numbers.  Input the following ExpressVPN DNS servers:
  • Preferred DNS –
  • Alternate DNS –
  1. After inputting the numbers, click done.  Go back to the general settings, scroll down to the lowest part and choose restart.  Upon confirming the restart, your Apple TV will reboot.
  2. If you would like to have a US Channel app like Netflix or Hulu, change your iTunes Store location setting by navigating to settingsand scrolling down to iTunes Store and selecting your location as United States.  Restart your Apple TV again and once it has rebooted, the Hulu app will show on the main screen.

Additional Steps:

  1. Reboot Apple TV.
  2. Using your computer, go to
  3. Login to your account.
  4. The ExpressVPN website will now check your status to see if everything is ready by checking your account and if your DNS is setup correctly.
  5. If your internet address has changed, a dialog box will tell you.  Click on the ‘click here to activate your new internet address’ to help our service identify who you are.  Additionally, the dialog box will also inform you of any unpaid invoice or account termination.
  6. It is important to do the additional steps because if you don’t, it may mean failure to access ExpressVPN service.

Once you have finished setting up your ExpressVPN account on your Apple TV, it’s time to open the Netflix app and login using your registered Neflix account.  Once you’ve accessed your account, you can begin enjoying the services brought to you by Netflix.

That’s all there is to it.  Once you have everything configured, you can now watch Netflix in Australia using your Apple TV device.

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131 thoughts on “How To Set-Up Netflix on Apple TV in Australia

  1. Will on said:

    Hi, I’m thinking of going through your process to connect to Netflix, but am wondering what is the best device to use? I have a PS3 and an Apple TV. Does one work better than the other for Netflix?

      • Hey mate, I am interested in getting NETFLIX. Do you have problems with the internet connection with streaming?

        I am with TPG and ADSL 2+ but further out in the suburbs away from the City.

        What do you recommend?

        Thanks in advance

          • Cool. Does NETFLix have all the sports channels mainly the NRL and RUGBY UNION games specifically? I can’t seem to find out. I only got FOXTEL because of sports but I’m not going to pay $89 just to miss out on the channel nine rights for Thur, Fri, and Sunday (delay game 4pm instead of 3pm live) games. This is painful lol.

            Thanks again.

    • amanda jenkins on said:

      Hi, I just set up my netflix account yesterday, no issues and works well on my new apple tv. One question though, what happens when I have to switch back to my australian itunes account. Do I have to change the settings on my apple tv as well. That would drive me insane. I can’t find much information about this. Thanks

      • admin on said:

        No you don’t have to Amanda. The system is smart and only turns on when you access the American servers, the rest of the time you are using your normal Australian connection. It does everything for you. Enjoy!

        • luke on said:

          I have an appleTV box to stream the NBA through my international leaguepass access. If I adjust my appleTV so I can access NetFlix when I log into LeaguePass I am assuming ill be unable to do this?

  2. Kate on said:

    When trying to input the UnblockUS DNS Servers that you have above (Preferred DNS – into our Manual settings it will not allow the last 2 digits.
    ie) It seems to be configured that the .56 cannot be entered (it’s only a 0,1,2) available. Any ideas how to help?

  3. Hi,
    You mention that we need to set a US location for our iTunes account however, switching to United States is asking for a US credit card account details. IS there a way around this?

    • Just a follow up note…
      When changing locations in iTunes, you can use an Australian AMEX but just remember to add a zero to the end of your Australian Postcode and match it to a USA state. AS long as that zipcode exists! The rest of your Australian Billing details can stay the same in iTunes.

  4. Hi

    So apple TV works ok ? I use my itunes to watch MLB so don’t want to mess this up but really want access to Netflix ?

    So process is

    1 set up unblock-us account

    2 change dns ob apple tv and region

    3 set up Netflix account ?


  5. Whilst I can access the netflix movies the ones on the apple menu are for sale/download but I can’t seem to do this without a U.S. itunes address. Is there a workaround for this?

    • admin on said:

      You could set up a US based itunes service in much the same way and that gives you access to all the US goodness.

  6. Bryan on said:

    is anyone else able to access HBOGO on their apple tv…?
    it tells me to go to the website but when it do it says i’m not in the USA..?

  7. James on said:

    Do I have to register a Netflix account? Because when I goto create one on Apple TV using my iTunes account it says “Only Australian purchases can be made on this iTunes account”

  8. I’m currently using the Netflix app on my iPad with a different VPN provider but thinking of moving to Apple TV. Are all VPN providers the same? Mine says I need a VPN router??

    • Hi Emma,

      Not all are the same. Normally with a proper fully fledged VPN you would have to share the connection with other devices. I staretd out trying to use the VPN HideMyAss then spent all day long trying to work out how to share the VPN connection from my Mac to my PS3 – cause it’s all about watching it on your TV via a PS3 or Apple TV at the end of the day. I found that to be too hard to do using the VPN I tried, so i switched to Unblock-Us which makes things really easy.

      If all you want to do is watch Netflix then I recommend using Unblock-Us as you don’t need all the other features of a VPN.

      • Thanks for your reply. I’m currently with HideMyAss too – signed up until March 2014. Maybe I’ll just leave it until then and change over to unblock-us. Don’t want to be paying for two VPN services and from what I saw on HideMyAss website it was all too hard for me!

  9. Just a question–may be silly – so please forgive- Is it just the wireless connection that I have to change using the DNS connection from UnblockUS? Will i still be able to stream from my mac to apple tv ?


  10. Tom Davenport on said:

    I just wanted to thank you guys for sharing how to set up Netflix in Australia. Instructions work as directed, however I have two minor notes that I’d like to share:
    1) Unblock-us site seems to have been updated recently. I didn’t have to logout/login after entering the Unblock-us DNS.
    2) Netflix didn’t want to take my Australian debit card (Visa via Suncorp). I tried multiple times, but it kept saying that I had insufficient funds (even though I did have plenty on the card). I was about to give up, but then noticed that a Netflix account had actually been created for me even though it was saying my card was not accepted. Not sure of exactly why this is, but I’d like other people to know, it’s worth it to keep trying!

    All steps after that worked as advertised and I had Netflix up and running on my Apple TV in no time.
    Thanks again!


  11. Hi thank you for the information it is great. I just have one question as I am trying to set this all up, but while trying to create a netflix account on my PC desktop, it keeps directing me to the page where it says netflix is not available due to the country i am in, I guess it is detecting the DNS on my desktop as well. is there a way to go around this to create a netflix account?

  12. John Sullivan on said:

    If one sets up one’s Apple TV to be recognised as a US-based device, does his create a problem if then trying to watch movies via the iTunes store (which is clearly linked to an Australian account!) and do you have to again modify the network settings back to the original Australian settings?

  13. Hi and thanks for the great step by step guide. I’m trying to access Netflix on Apple TV but seem to be failing at the final hurdle. I have setup unblock-us and created a Netflix account which I can access on my PC. I’ve changed the DNS settings and iTunes location on Apple TV. When I click on the Netflix app on Apple TV, it gives me a chance to login. After that, nothing – my TV just continues to display the message Accessing Netflix. Any idea what the problem might be?

  14. Jane.T Hall on said:

    Help! We were excited to join the world of netflix when we recently purchased our apple tv 5.3 but have had ongoing issues. The main thing s constantly getting the message tat netflix is currently unavailable. Any tips? We thought we had followed all the steps above.

  15. Thanks for this, it really made setting up very easy and the content on Netflix is awesome. I see that a couple of Disney apps come up on the Apple TV as well now logged onto US site, is there anyway of accessing this as well?

  16. Katrina on said:

    Hi, This may sound ridiculous, but how do I set up a seperate itunes account on my Aussie laptop? A US one I mean, will I lose all of my australian itunes music etc?

  17. We have recently set up netflix. It’s awesome, but suddenly it just seems to be loading with ‘accessing netflix’ and that’s it. I can’t get into any Apple TV screen to get to the settings. Am I missing something simple here?

  18. for those with credit card issues.. well open up a paypal account in the US. once you sing up with unlock-us you can just go to and open an account there using your own australian credit card…you have to use an american postcode and city tho…apart from that you all your own details…thats worked for me

  19. Had netflix running for two days now it says that it is unavailable. Same with hulu and hbogo. I have tried a reset to factory settings and set up again but it’s still not working.

  20. I’ve paid my subscription but now netflix won’t even come up on my browser (apple)

    Has netflix been blocked here in Australia, I was on the site no problems, as soon as the trial version finished and I paid unblock us and netflix all hell has broken loose.

    I just get a grey screen when i try to go to any netflix site, totally weird and I’m being polite

  21. I have turned off security on my computer so I can get access to Unblock-Us, but this message:
    Checking service status…
    Comes up and just keeps going around. have opened in new window etc.
    Any suggestions?

  22. Thanks for some great instructions,

    In case anyone else wants to watch Breaking Bad season 5 like I do, you can easily use the above instructions but use the UK iTunes store. the unblock-us DNS for the UK is

  23. Hi, I have done everything as above. Have set up with unblock us and changed DNS on mac. I have created a iTunes account in the US, but netfilx is still showing message is not available in my location. When i go to the unblock us webpage, the status bar shows everything is ok. What am i doing wrong

  24. Hi

    I followed all the steps and had everything working also made a Netflix account, however it said i have to go to the australian itunes market and get it from there so it redirected me. Everything was fine after that but then it went back to the normal apple tv and the american stuff was gone. When i check my location it had changed back to australia. How do i make it stay U.S?

  25. Having trouble getting netflix on new apple tv. just says ‘Netflic currently unavailable. Try again later’. What to do?? Works fine on MacBook

  26. Chris Lamb on said:

    I have done the full setup and have a DNS in Apple TV, it is set for USA
    After a restart I do not see Netflix in the menu ??
    Any suggestions ?

  27. michael on said:

    I can no linger chanfe the dns on my apple tv. I get into settings and al I can access is wireless and test network so I no longer change anything below that- it just evaporates when I scroll down. ?????? An ideas

  28. i have tried to insert the DNS number/s but you have only provided 11 numbers and my apple tv is requesting 12 ?? how do i get around this?

  29. I have this all up and running on my Apple TV. The way I set it up was to purchase both unblock-us and Netflix on my Mac and then follow the above steps (by the way D above) Just type in the 11 DNS numbers and it will work fine. It adjusts automatically. To open Netflix I had to purchase it on my Mac rather than on my Apple TV as the Apple TV required a US iTunes ID before allowing it. It worked fine on the Mac and then I just entered my pre-existing Netflix account details on Apple TV to get in. Great!

    My question is that when I take my Mac to another location and log on to another wifi location for example, the Unblock-Us account seems to register it and notifies me my internet address has changed. For whatever reason this also affects my Apple TV (which hasn’t moved) It means that to access Netflix I have to open my Mac up at home and reconfirm my home internet address at the Unblock-Us site before it will work. It’s not a big deal but it is one more step. Can I reconfigure my set-up to avoid this?

  30. Hi
    I have a ist generation apple tv and can’t seem to change the DNS settings.
    It only has configure wireless, configure TCp?IP and Test Network.
    When I got to configure wireless it just accepts my password and not access to any settings.
    I have been able to set Netflix up on my Mac but keen to get it on my 1st generation Apple TV….
    Can you help?
    Many thanks.

  31. Hi there, I am in Australia and trying to get Netflix going through my Apple TV.

    Now iv followed all steps to do so, everything was fine, iv come to the point of clicking on the netflix app on my apple tv and its not working.

    Upon signing up for an unblock-us account its showed me how to change my DNS settings, so its taken me through to change my DNS settings for my mac, but i have wifi and was sitting on my laptop, then realising Its not the main computer and has nothing to do with the connection between the wifi and my Apple TV in my room.
    The instructions don’t specify where or what computer to do this on…

    Where do i need to change the DNS settings?????

    on the computer where the router is? or just the apple tv???

    pleaaaasee help ;(

  32. i followed instructions to load onto Apple TV. Got through to putting in DNS and rebooted AppleTV.

    Signed up to UnblockUS – PC passed OK

    App Store on mac is set to USA

    Signed up to Netlifx account

    My problem is when rebooting the AppleTV I don’t seem to get the Netflix app to then select from ? Any idea on whats going wrong ?

  33. Taliesin on said:

    Hey there I am having trouble creating an american apple account. i have the account but when i got to make an itunes store account it asks for a card and i put it in but it doesn’t match my address. what do i do? is there any way i can get past this without having to get an Amex card? Cheers

  34. Sweet Water on said:

    Thanks for putting this up! I am however experiencing a problem on Apple TV when selecting Netflix it gives me the error message “Netflix currently unavailable. Try again later”. Has this happened before, do we know how to rectify?

  35. Have also had the netflix currently unavailable message all day today. Any advice on how to fix this wouls be appreciated.

  36. Murph NZ on said:

    Hi. I have followed the instructions here on how to change the DNS settings on my Apple TV and change my location so that it shows NetFlix. All that worked fine but then when I go to log in to unblock-us it only shows that my trial account is active, not that my DNS is is set up correctly. It then gives instructions on how to change the DNS on my router via my Mac. Is this step necessary? I thought but changing them on my Apple TV I would avoid this.

  37. Alastaair on said:

    i still have to pay Telstra for data downloads, right ? so actual cost is Netflix + Unblockme + data downloads… please do not hesitate to tell me I am idiot, if I have this wrong ! Thanks

  38. Hi ,
    Thanks for the Info, it worked so far on my ATV , however i seem to have lost all the movies and content i purchased previously on ATV. It is also asking me to sign in to iTunes, i enter my Apple Id , and when i submit it i get told it is incorrect.

  39. Hi, I live in Australia and wish to use my Apple TV to watch NBA and WWE Network.

    I have an Australian made account for my NBA subscription but an American account for my WWE account(only available in US. Like Netflix)

    Is there any way to have access to both?

  40. Chris W on said:



    I had Netflix setup and working fine on my Apple TV several months ago, then I suspended my account while I was away for a couple of months. I have reactivated my Netflix account, still have UnBlock-Us account, have checked all the DNS settings on both the DLink modem and the Apple TV, rebooted the Apple TV (several times), but the Netflix app isn’t appearing on my Apple TV.

    What I am doing wrong and how do I fix this?


  41. David on said:

    Hi I set up my Apple TV as per your instructions and was successful at first. Since then the Netflix icon has disappeared from the menu page and I have been unable to get it to reappear.

  42. I got my brother and me to sign up and both have accounts has been fine, I did have some funds stolen off my credit card as you need a USA verified PayPal account to pay for Netflix so I had to use a credit card via unblockus and not sure of the security impliciations, but that’s what happened.

    Other than that I like Netflix and have the Android app and really only use it on the media center PC.

    There isn’t a lot of new release movies, but it’s still good and the price is good.

  43. Everything was set up without any problems up until I tried playing a movie. It DIDNT work. I tried other movies , still wouldn’t play. Every time I click on PLAY I get a message THIS TITLE IS NOT AVAILABLE TO WATCH INSTANTLY. PLEASE TRY ANOTHER TITLE. The problem is it doesn’t work for any other title I tried. PLEASE HEEEEELP

  44. Hi,

    This sounds amazing and I am keen to set it up. I just have a couple of questions I hope the admins can assist with:

    – I see that I need to set up a US iTunes account. What will happen to all my purchases and iTunes library from my Australian iTunes account.
    – Will the Apple TV always be set is US mode? If not, how to I switch between the 2 accounts easily?


  45. Is there a way of setting up Unbock-us on my Telstra (Netgear) Cable Modem/router so that my apple tv (which is plugged via ethernet directly into the modem) and all my other iPads, iMacs etc can all “see” Netflix and Hulu etc?

  46. Sid Knowles on said:

    Thank you for this site and for responding to comments. I am now confident and will give it a go. Hated having to pay for all the channels on Foxtel when I only wanted a few. Goodbye to Foxtel.

  47. daniel on said:

    I have been running netflix through my apple TV using unblock us for a year now. I have just moved and set up a new internet account recently and netfilix has worked on and of sporadically but with endless issues. Mainly it say “netflix is currently unavaliable”. Very frustrating as it still works from time to time, but if it does, invariably, it will not work the next time I try!!! Whats going on??

  48. Cathie on said:

    Have just found this site and am pretty excited. Would love to give Foxtel the boot as they provide lots of deals for new users but not a great deal for loyal customers!
    My question is can I access British TV as well as US TV using Netflix on an Apple TV?
    Thank you.

  49. Stephen on said:

    Thanks for the set up advice. Worked perfectly on Apple TV. If only we could get around HBO & ESPN subscriber problem

  50. Steven on said:

    I have set up the Netflix on the Apple TV box I logged into the Netflix on the device and set up the log in I now get the history channel but can’t get HBO Go and can’t get on the Netflix app and pay there again without an American ITunes account how do I get around this

  51. Kim Byrne on said:

    I have very recently bought an apple tv. I have signed up with Netflix and Unblock Us. From your instructions it was pretty easy to set up. It worked brilliantly the day before yesterday (the first day I set it up) and last night it continuously says “Netflix is currently unavailable, try again later”.
    I have gone through many troubleshooting advice including checking my wifi connection. Connection is fine as I was able to view trailers but not Netflix. I have rechecked the location in iTunes is United States and the DNS is “”. I also bought another apple tv last night for my extra tele and have the same ‘unavailable’ message.
    Do you have any further troubleshooting advice?

  52. Just be aware of your downloading usage per month with your Internet Provider.

    I checked my usage & was very surprised how quickly you can use :)

  53. Nikki on said:

    Hi there, hoping you might help me before I give up! I set up this two days ago through my Apple TV; i got the US iTunes user ID (using this method >, and I have finally got the correct US menu in Apple TV (ie. I can see Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, Disney etc). However, for the last two days I have had the message ‘Netflix is currently unavailable. Please try again later’ so I haven’t been able to set up my Netflix account.
    I think you’d agree that this is now beyond the acceptable time for it to be down temporarily; do you have any advice for me? I’ve tried waiting, leaving it overnight, restarting it, but I don’t know what else to do. I noticed that HBO Go is showing the same message.
    It’s so close I can taste it! Please help before I give up!

  54. As per a couple of comments above, I setup AppleTV as per the instructions. I had the Netflix working however, now I simply receive “Netflix is currently unavailable”.

    Any help?

    • Ginger on said:

      I posted this on the comment below as well. It works for this issue.

      Hopefully you’ve found a workaround by now, but for anyone else reading this, we sometimes have the same problem. To fix it, we just open our laptop and head to (which is automatically logged into our account). When there is a problem accessing Netflix, an orange box will appear, saying that our internet address has changed. Click the link asking if you want to update settings (or something similar). This fixes the problem every time, for us.

  55. Stephen on said:

    We have recently set up netflix via method above. It’s awesome – thanks. Major issue though is that it works for a short while only before giving a “network unavailable” error and then not getting past‘accessing netflix’ despite repeated attempts. We have repeated the process multiple times with the same result.

    If we restart we lose the iTunes account location.

    • Ginger on said:

      Hopefully you’ve found a workaround by now, but for anyone else reading this, we sometimes have the same problem. To fix it, we just open our laptop and head to (which is automatically logged into our account). When there is a problem accessing Netflix, an orange box will appear, saying that our internet address has changed. Click the link asking if you want to update settings (or something similar). This fixes the problem every time, for us.

  56. forgive my ignorance but I am following your on how to get Netflix on a new apple tv unit and I have got to the part to change the dns but before that it is asking for a ip address first before I can input the both seth of numbers, what should I do.

  57. I’m pretty keen to get Netflix, but I was wondering if this will work on smart TVs (specifically LG)? They run an android OS but I’m not sure if I’ll have access to the Netflix app. Does anyone have any info on whether this will work or not?

  58. Hi, just a question re subtitles, I tried watching the TV series “Salamander” which is broadcast in dutch language and tried everything on my apple TV but cannot get subtitles, any suggestions would be appreciated?, Regards, John
    PS I love Netflix, its great!!

  59. Hi there.

    I have set everything up just fine after following all of the instructions. The problem I have is that I cannot change the DNS according to the info provided here once I am in AppleTV because I am connected wirelessly.

    Any ideas on a fix?

    Thank you.

  60. Hi,
    Previously I had everything working fine, but after Apple recent update to 8, I cannot access to Netflix and Huluplus saying currently not avaible. It is frustrating as I have been unable to access Netflix for the last month even though I get charged for it. Please kindly assist. I have reset the apple TV and then changed the DNS on the Apple TV as suggested on the website, but still I’m not able to access it. Please kindly and urgently assist. It would be good if I could talk to you over the phone or email so that I get a detail instruction.


  61. I have done all of the above on my apple tv 1st gen and set up netflix a/c, how do I get to watch on my apple tv from here as there is no sites…..

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