House of Cards – An Amazing Series Produced By Netflix

House of Cards is a series that has been produced entirely by Netflix. It is deadset amazingly good. It alone is worth having a subscription to Netflix.

House of Cards on Netflix

The series is a political drama starring Kevin Spacey and set in Washington D.C. The writing, production levels, acting and all round quality of this show is absolutely top notch. I really love seeing companies like Netflix creating great content like this. The more content they create the more appealing they make their service, and over time I think this sort of distribution will be the only way to do things – the actual producer of the content publishing it over the internet via a subscription streaming service. All these middle men tv networks and other content deals that are in place and more or less holding the industry back are a dead duck.

But alas I digress. I was supposed to be speaking about House of Cards.

The series is an adaptation of the British series of the same name. Don’t hold that against it – I know American rehashes of quality U.K shows can be atrocious, but this new series is on point. The entire first season was released by Netflix to it’s system in one hit. This is great, because if you’re anything like me, when you find a new TV show you love you can easily watch 2 or 3 or 4 or an entire series in the space of a couple of days. The only bad thing is it leaves you hankering for more, and House of Cards is no different.

The series tells the story of Frank Underwood, a Democrat from South Carolina and the House Majority Whip. The first episode sets the scene that he apparently delivered the election on a platter for the President-elect, on the proviso he was promoted to Secretary of State. Once in power he was passed over for the role, with the President preferring him when he was. This sets him off on a mission of revenge.

Kevin Spacey is great in the role of a smooth talking, quick thinking political type from the South who is always two steps ahead of the game and carries a distinct smug air about himself.

I won’t go on too much more other than to say get yourself signed up to Netflix now and watch this awesome show. You won’t regret it.

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