Having Payment Issues? Try These Solutions

There’s been a few people complaining that they are having no luck with paying for Netflix with their Australian credit card at the moment. It seems to be an intermittent issues, as plenty of other people are not having problems. In any case I thought I should collate all the tips and comments people have made about credit card payment issues here so there’s one central resource for it:

  • So, using the unblock-us access I just created a new American based paypal account with an American address and put in credit card info to that, which it accepted. Then went back to netflix and paid via that paypal account, and it went through.
  • This site sells Netflix gift cards especially to people outside the US. It works and works perfectly, so if you’re willing to take the step it will solve your payment problem – http://www.buyfrompowerseller.com/netflix-outside-the-us/
  • There is a “Load & Go” credit card from Australia Post that you can buy and set your address to the USA – http://auspost.com.au/finance-insurance/load-and-go-reloadable-visa-prepaid-card.html – see this article from the Sydney Morning Herald -> http://www.smh.com.au/digital-life/computers/blogs/gadgets-on-the-go/need-a-us-credit-card-try-the-post-office-20130517-2jqg5.html
  • Another comment from the SMH article that could be worth trying: There is a more difficult option. You can legitimately open a US bank account from Australia with a bank like HSBC. They will then issue you a US based debit MasterCard (this is a debit card but works exactly like any other MasterCard) which you can use for all US purchases. Only problem is opening the US bank account is rather cumbersome and tortuous, but it is worth all the initial pain. Here are some other things to try first if you don’t want to try the above solutions:
  • All those having credit card subscription problems: Make sure you are logged out of your netflix acc on your computer, then purchase a netflix subscription gift card from netflix.com/gift. Email the giftcard to your registered email, and when you click the email link to claim it, it attributed the new subscription to your account….job done!
  •  Try change the DNS settings at your router, not on the actual device, especially if you’re paying with an Australian credit card.
  • Some people have had success by changing their post code. So just keep trying over and over with different post codes.
  • Just adding a ZERO before your normal postcode has worked for some people.
  • Try using a .com email address rather than a .com.au address. Also make sure you’re using an American post code, or adding an extra digit to the end of your real postcode.
  •  This guide here explains how best to go about setting up your address and payment details, so definitely try it.
  • Persistence is key – I’ve heard a few people say they just tried over and over and it ended up working.

I’ll add more tips and tricks here as I find them. As always leave your comments here if you have had success. It’s definitely still working

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42 thoughts on “Having Payment Issues? Try These Solutions

  1. Hi Michael
    I’m a lil conflicted on these DNS codes. One section shows corrections on my IOS router settings and then this….
    2. Make sure you change the DNS settings at your router, not on the actual device, especially if you’re paying with an Australian credit card.
    What DNS settings am I supposed to change? One or both?
    Netflix won’t accept any of my cards, I even bought an Entropay and that didn’t work :(

    • It used to be the case you could change the DNS on your device, but if there are problems with payment try changing it at the router. It is just one suggested option.

      I spoke with a friend today who signed up over the weekend. He said he used a .com email address and just kept trying over and over with different postcodes until it worked.

  2. I’ve tried many of the above options and it would seem that changing the zip code doesn’t determine whether all the other suggestions are the right path at all. Entropay, Gift Card, DNS/Routers are all failing the payment option. I will try and see if I can purchase over my apple TV somehow

    • I use American Express card – works great! Netflix doesn’t seem to be checking for billing address if you are paying with AMEX.

      Before I tired to use HSBC visa issued in Australia, but that did not work.

      Use 97230 as the post code for Oregon, Portland. Get you US Address for free with Comgateway.com.

      Very very simple – been using Netflix for 2 years already.

      • Hi Alex,

        Thanks for that. The amount of people complaining about failed credit card payments has slowed down considerably. I think the issue has gone away. This has happened in the past, a small time where cards weren’t being accepted, then the issue went away. Seems like it’s happened again.

  3. Marius on said:

    Same with me. Probably trying for four days now to no avail. I’ve been reading up on other forums, etc… nothing seems to be working. Even die post code work-around that changes your local post code by adding 0’s or other digits as required until a valid US Zip code is obtained, but nothing…..

  4. The Load & Go Card will not work. There is no USA Setting option grrrrr
    The first option comes at a price even more grrrrr
    I wan the last 2 days of my life back lol

  5. The Load & Go Card will not work. There is no USA Setting option grrrrr
    The first option comes at a price even more grrrrr
    I wan the last 2 days of my life back lol

  6. Maybe it stores your details once you’ve been blocked? It’s still not working for me. Wondering if I shouldn’t get a HSBC credit card and setup a new gmail email just to try and get access to netflix? Unblockus works fine… but Netflix is the absolute pits in my case!!!

  7. Hi I worked out netflix yesterday thanks to your great info however today when I have tried to go onto it it keeps coming up with msg of. Netflix currently not Available. Pls advise what you think issue might be . Thanks

  8. Hi I was able to get on to Netflix but when I went to view a show it asked to get the netflix app. But I can’t seem to find it anywhere. What am I doing wrong. Please help!!!

  9. Tried using PayPal which is linked to my Visa Debit but failed , I use Paypal to buy many items in USA through Ebay so surprized it would not work . Regards Tony

  10. I have a Netflix account that has been working perfectly fine with my Australian CBA credit card for over 12 months. Today (which is the start of the billing cycle) I logged in and Netflix says there is a problem with my card and I need to update my payment details. I have tried about ten times but get the same error message. The card is still valid and definitely has funds on it. I wonder if they are cracking down on foreign cards.

  11. Angela on said:

    Hi, My one month trial of Netflix has just come to an end. I have gone to log on this morning and error message keeps coming up. When I set it up I was led to believe that payment could be taken from US ITunes account. This has happened however for some reason it must be recognizing now in Australia….Hulu plus is still working and I am going through Unblock-US. Any help from anybody would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  12. Hi, I am not having any problems with getting Netflix to take my money – quite the opposite. It has taken my money 17 times in a row!

    I had it working fine for months, and now all of the sudden it decides to overcharge me. Clearly there has been some sort of mistake, I’ve contacted my bank, and they said I have to bring it up with Netflix.

    There is no email address for Netflix, only a phone number, so I guess I have to call them. Have anyone had any experience with dealing with them over the phone? Will I have to pretend that I am in the US, or do they not care if people are using VPNs to access their service from other countries?

    I really don’t want to call them, but I’ve been charged over $180 too much, which I can’t really afford to let go…

    Any advice would be lovely :)

    • Hi Maja,

      If you log in to your Netflix account online on a desktop PC just head to the top right section, it should say your name. There is a link for Help Center. From there you can see if the problem has been answered already, and you can also start a Live Chat with them.

  13. Hi

    Tried to sign up but had all the payment problems mentioned above. Signed out of Netflix to try to buy a gift card at Netflix but no go. Then interestingly, i signed back into my Netflix account and it was working? Am on one month trial so need to work out the problem eventually but am enjoying it on my pc for now

  14. SomeGuy on said:

    I was having troubles too. What I did to solve this issue was:

    – Add my EntroPay card to my Paypal account.
    – Pay with Paypal.

    (Make sure you phone number on Paypal is a valid US phone number and that you are registering on Netflix with the SAME email you are registered on Paypal).

  15. I got my Netflix account no problem, but when I try to add my credit card as a payment option the form doesn’t seem to work. I don’t get an error message at all, when I hit the button at the bottom of the form, it’s as if it doesn’t do anything. The page doesn’t even load, has anyone else had this problem?

  16. fraser on said:

    yer credit card wont work for me either just loads for ages and\or sais there seems to be something wrong with the card your using.
    paypal wont work because its an Australian account.
    and you carnt buy gift cards anymore i don’t know what to do?
    any help would be super

  17. dian on said:

    Just tried a Auspost load&Go card and it seemed to work (well it did not give me any error messages). Think the trick is when you are entering the details onto the netflix site you need to put “Valued Cardholder” as the name. No payments have come out – will let you know what happens next week when it is due!

  18. dezmo on said:

    just got it up and running, yay :)

    used hola{free}(firefox) set to USA
    (check each time that its still USA)
    create gmail for US {free}
    create paypal for US {free}
    get post office load+go prepaid
    {$7 + $1/mnth max in fees}
    create netflix for US

    sorted till they ban more shit, that allows
    aussies their freedom, or maybe we might be able to watch it legit sometime soon….

  19. Craig on said:

    “Get Netflix easily, right now”

    …I don’t think so. I downloaded the unblock us, followed the instructions to rewire my PC only to find I couldn’t open a US Netflix account. I’m sure by following all these tips there is a way to do it but it’s certainly not easy and has already taken up too much of my time. My advice… avoid this and wait for it to launch in Oz.

    • admin on said:

      Thousands of people have Netflix right now with no problems so I think waiting for a service that might never launch here, or if it does launch will be massively watered down version is bad advice!

  20. Stephen on said:

    Trying to pay for Netflix with my visa card using Mozilla on my I-Mac just would not work not matter how many times I tried using all the trick s mentioned above.

    It went through like a breeze however using my Android smart phone. Use unblock-us to unblock the phone, log in to Netflix and submit your details. I put a zero before my post code. Basically did everything I did on the I-Mac (that didn’t work) but it worked on Android. Am now happily watching great TV like Lilyhammer and Orange is the New Black :)

  21. Fiona on said:

    I tried all the tips on here to pay, and the only one that worked was to setup a US Paypal account and link my Aussie AMEX.

    The original post and a few replies suggest that people keep trying with the same credit card and maybe update the postcode – this definitely didn’t work for me. My account ended up locking up completely, I had to talk to help desk and ask them to wipe the account and try again. They said the AMEX would definitely work, but it didn’t. Only through Paypal would it finally let me sign in.

  22. Benny on said:

    Hello ALL

    If you have an APPLE TV a simple yet effective payment method which takes a lot of the hassle out of payment issues is to Pay with your apple ID. I have 2 apple ID’s one is an australian Itunes account and the other is a USA itunes account. When it says Start your free month. Use your Australian Itunes email. This will then allow you to bill your netflix to your Australian Itunes account for $10 a month. you will then be forced out of the netflix because you used your australian Itunes account and it will ask you to relog in again. You will need to get a password from the netflix website via the australian Itunes email address. remember to keep your american Itunes address in the itunes settings in Apple tv >settings General> as if you put your australian itunes in there you will loose your netflix app.

    This has been a way we have avoided payment issues in the past. I am also still able to use entropay which I am currently using as my payment method. But i thought i would share the australian Netflix itunes payment for people who are experiencing issues.

    Hope this helps

    • Cajen on said:

      Benny I just got a Entropay Card but Netflix will not except it for payment. Any tricks to this?. What name to put in may be the issue. Thanks.

  23. I had trouble when signing up for the free trial and wouldn’t accept my credit card details. But then I went straight to setting up my account profile (rather than “start free trial” and it accepted them. Then I could still go to free trial. Bi also used a visa debit I use when travelling overseas

    • I had tried all sorts of work arounds (re: assorted Oz CC cards zip code fiddles etc) from this an other sites with no success. This one worked first time. Coupled with using a Australia Post Load&Go as well as the card holder name being “Valued Cardholder”.

  24. I’ve had Netfilx for nearly 12 months, they’ve been deducting a monthly fee from my credit card. I’ve received an email from them telling me the credit card is about to expire – which it is. I can log into my account details but the ‘Update Credit Card’ button throws a network error. How can I update the details? Where is the live chat facility? Should I use the live chat facility?

    • Costin on said:

      Maybe wait a while to see if the update credit card feature starts working again? I would use the live chat if it came to it.

      • Still no luck. I can get into my Manage my account area but on every link it just loops back to a “Netflix site error”. I’m assuming the “Call us” link at the bottom of each page is the Live Chat, but no luck there either, just a pop up with a code. I’ve received another email from them but can’t respond – looks like Netflix have been happily taking my money to date, but they’ll be losing my custom because I can’t pay them once the credit card expires!

  25. Even on your site, the links to Netflix now say it’s not available in Australia. I can still log in, but no access to my account details or Live Chat. What now?

  26. I couldn’t sign up using my Australian credit cards, no matter what. I even got a call from my bank in Australia to check on the attempted transaction, as a request had been received from Netflix, but for zero amount. But, I did accept my Travel Card without any issues. It seems that as it is ok for overseas use, it was accepted. Maybe that’s the trick

  27. I signed up from my Apple TV and it just asked if I wanted to link my payment to my Apple ID and it works perfectly, deducting the amount from my iTunes account.

  28. Hey I’ve been wondering if I create a netflix account what do I put in for my payment method if I don’t have a credit card or debit card or paypal & want to use a gift card instead ? How do I get out of that process where I have to chose my payment method ?

  29. Hey I’ve been wondering if I create a netflix account what do I put in for my payment method if I don’t have a credit card or debit card or paypal & want to use a gift card instead ? How do I get out of that process where I have to chose the method in which I pay?

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