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So I’ve noticed a few of the same questions popping up in the comments here a lot. I figured I’d chuck a bunch of frequently asked questions up to try and help speed things up for people as I am not always as quick with the responses as you’d probably like. I’ll add questions and answers here as common questions arise.

1. Will this affect my multiplayer gaming?

No it won’t. The system is designed to only look like it’s in America when talking to the Netflix servers. The rest of the time you use your normal connection so multiplayer gaming works fine.

2. My credit card isn’t working?

This is an interesting one. It seems to reject some people’s credit cards for some reason. In particular it’s been noticed with Commonwealth Bank debit master card type set-ups. The first answer is to keep trying the card over and over and over. I know with my card it took four or five attempts then it suddenly went through. The second option is to try another credit card obviously. The third option is to use the gift card work around to get access.

3. When is Netflix coming to Australia?

Not for ages. We’ve been holding our breathes thinking Netflix was coming to Australia for years now. They seem pretty focused on expanding to the European markets at the moment.

 4. How much data does Netflix use?

Netflix Movies (HD): These guys are around 3.8Mbit, which means it’s about 3600MB for a 2 hour HD movie.
Netflix Movies (SD): Each of these movies are around 500-700MB each, depending on the length of the movie.
Netflix TV Shows (HD): A 30-minute TV show will be about 1500MB.
Netflix TV Shows (SD): A 30-minute TV show will be about 400MB.

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27 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Helen on said:

    Hi. Thank you for this site. I am looking forward to having a go, but do have one question b4 starting… How does this work with say the BBC. I know they have an ‘iview” type feature. With netflix set up would I be able to access bbc in this way or is it all available through the Netflix system ?
    Appreciate your feedback,
    Thanks, Helen

  2. Hi, thanks for all the info, very excited about trying it out.
    I’m a bit clueless to all this, so what I’m aiming for is to be able to have the kids watch movies while on the plane, and while on holiday… So with Netflix does it need constant wifi for them to watch, or does the movie download and can be watched whenever?

    • admin on said:

      Hi Jen. You will need to set up the DNS settings on the device you want to watch it on. You can then access Netflix using an WiFi connection or 4G connection or whatever connection you can get your hands on. just be mindful of any data or bandwidth limits on the connection you’re using.

  3. Lori on said:

    Just wondering, am I able to watch tv shows from America like Glee, Revenge, etc before they are in Australia.And after I pay the monthly fee does it cost any more to watch the movies or tv programs.

    • admin on said:

      Not normally – Netflix isn’t really up to date with a lot of new release tv shows. it’s more great for it’s back catalogue of tv series, great documentaries and huge range of random stuff you never knew existed.

    • admin on said:

      The version I am recommending is the US version that is linked to on Amazon there. Unfortunately if you have bought one locally it’s not going to work.

  4. Stephen on said:

    Do I need a streaming media player if I am directing the content to an Apple TV set up?

    Thnak you for all your great information.

  5. Hi,
    Have the Xbox netflix app setup on my ‘US’ Xbox profile. Just need to get a netflix account, but it seems credit card and PayPal won’t be accepted. Tried using zip code on Aussie debit card, but doesn’t work. Any tips?

  6. Ok thanks. I have it up and running on XBOX, but the streaming resolutions is terrible. Very pixelated. My broadband is working extremely well at 25mbs, so not sure why the quality is so bad. Netflix settings on account are set at HD quality, but not making much difference. ????

    • admin on said:

      Sometimes the shows start pixelated then after a minute it starts playing really nice quality. Let a show run for a bit and it should be fine.

  7. Switched over to Apple TV (once I jumped on US store); absolutely brilliant!

    Will definitely pay beyond the free trial for Unblock US now, it definitely works.

    Thanks Admin. Great guidance. Appreciate you work.

  8. Just wondering if you have had any experience using Netflix on Australian smart tvs, I’m about to buy Panasonic TH-L42ET60A and hoped I could set up directly on the tv?

    Thanks for the great work here and giving us an alternative to illegal downloads and pirate sites.

    • Hey there – no real experience with smart TV’s unfortunately but if you set Unblock-Us up on the router you’re using and the TV connects to that then there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work. I’d also look into whether you can set the DNS settings in the TV control panel. If you can then I am sure it will work. Glad you like the site!

  9. hi, I bought a wd tv live box here in Australia. Set up the unblock account, joined the free trial at Netflix , every thing works on my computer. But I can not connect to Netflix from the WD box. it is paired with the modem and I can watch other content such as you tube. Any thoughts

    • Gary on said:

      Hi, I was wondering if you ever managed to fix this issue as I have a WD TV live box as well. I have not tried this yet but was wondering if you have managed to get around this.



  10. Graeme on said:

    If I set up Netflix on my AppleTV2 by changing its IP address will this interfere with its ability to receive AirPlay (screen display, photos, video and music) from my iPhone and iPad?

  11. We subscribed to netflix months ago we can go all the way into the program, but when we click on the movie we only get a trouble shooting page popup. We are able to watch movies off of megashare but not netflix. We live in Australia and currently using a Samsung blueray smart box model BD-F6500. Is our smart box too stupid?
    Regards Ken

  12. Olivia on said:

    I too was receiving the message “There appears to be a problem with the card you are trying to use” when using my Commonwealth Bank Debit MasterCard (no matter how many times I tried). I phoned the bank, they put me through to their security department, and security lifted the block. All good now!

  13. Peter Fry on said:

    I have this service up and running.
    It is sensational.To use service in my bedroom do I have to have a second

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