TV Ratings Tumbling Down While Netflix Soars

On September 26, the price of Netflix shares climbed by 2%. That was when the ratings results from a day before came out. The 25th was a Wednesday, which is the second most lucrative for TV ads and that was the week when many Wednesday shows had their season premiere. The ratings that came in were not encouraging to say the least, at least for TV executives.

The main sitcom for ABC, The Middle suffered a 17% from its last year’s season opener. The new comedy, Back in the Game, which is also from ABC, posted the lowest ratings for an ABC comedy since 2009, making it unlikely that it will be back in the game for another season. Nashville didn’t benefit from all the praises that it got from critics as it posted a rating that is lower by a quarter from its last season’s performance. CSI also took a blow, sliding don by 16%. Revolution, suffered a record 50% down on its ratings from its previous debut. Survivor also suffered a record low when its debut dropped by 10%. The only showed that showed great promise on the upside is the old Law and Order: SVU. The rating for this year’s season premiere increased by 28% from last year’s.

This is just the latest blow to broadcast networks. Last fall, their shows also did poorly. In fact, the ratings back then were so poor that industry experts were predicting a comeback. There’s no place to go but up when you hit rock bottom. But apparently, broadcast networks haven’t reached the bottom just yet.

Now a lot of people are looking at the ratings for the 26th. Thursday is the most important day of the week for TV ads and that was when heavyweights  like Glee, The Michael J. Fox Show, Parks and Recreation, Grey’s Anatomy and The Big Bang Theory are set to have their season debuts. How well, those shows perform will determine if the broadcast industry would hit the panic button already.

But the shows that the industry has placed its hopes on are hardly the best candidates to accomplish the task of saving television. Glee and  Grey’s Anatomy and even The Big Bang Theory are all ancient shows and people are getting tired of them. A lot of people still love  Michael J. Fox Show, but most of those are in their 40s.

The results for Thursday premieres will determine whether Netflix would be on a roll.

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