Super HD Video from Netflix Now Open for All

A couple of months ago, Netflix started offering a Super HD option for streaming. Now, this offer available to all customers of the company.

Super HD is an even higher version of the 1080p HD format High Definition format. But the option was only initially available to Netflix customers who Internet Service Providers belonged to Netflix’s Open Connect network. The network allows the ISPs to deliver the content at much faster speeds to the customers.

The arrangement with the network is a huge money saving move for the company. With its use, they no longer have to rely on third party content distribution networks which will also help t bring down the costs for the customers. The move also has the added advantage of reducing the pressure on the Netflix traffic. Estimates have placed Netflix traffic to eat up a third of the downstream in North America.

The move to limit the network to several ISPs has drawn the ire of some internet companies. Time warner Cable for example has protested the preference that Netflix has shown for some ISPs,citing that their network is capable of delivering the higher quality of format.

Netflix has announced that demands and requests from customers have led them to offer Super HD to all.

The company has reminded customers that those with ISPs in direct connection with Netflix will probably get the best service. The service uses adaptive streaming, which it means that it adjusts based on the bandwidth that’s available.

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