Release Date for House of Cards Season 2

Though the exact release date for the award winning streaming TV show has not been revealed yet, there are rumors that it should be ready by February next year. According to the International Digital Times, production for the show started in April  and is set to wrap up this October.

The Netflix original series gained a widespread following and critical acclaim after its release last February. “House of Cards” was also nominated for several categories in the Emmy Awards and made history when its director David Fincher won the Best Director award. It was the first time that an online distributor such as Netflix was able to win a major award.

Netflix has scored more than just one victory with the award and the nominations that “House of Cards”  was able to win.  It is also a challenge to the long established rules in the TV industry and now many companies are trying to play catch up.

House Majority Whip, Kevin McCarthy has even made some comments about the show and its star Kevin Spacey.  McCarthy has paid respects to Spacey’s dedication as an actor.

Spacey was able to win  a nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama for his role as Francis Underwood. The show has received nominations for best show and best actress as well.

Spacey said that it is a very exciting to work on television today. Their work on House of Cards has prompted more companies to try out the formula of Netflix. That in turn would more shows and more jobs which will be good for the economy.

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